The structures that we observe today are the results of technological improvements in construction materials. As we move on, the materials also progress to an extent that it might be impossible to tell their construction or their qualities. One of these materials that have managed to put itself on the tip of the tongues is aluminum composite panels. But the real question that you might have come here for is that what are aluminum composite panels? What are their features and how can you implement them on your project or custom housebuilding? For more information and in-depth details, you can also visit ACM Panel Board.

Composite panels have a simple logic behind them. The logic is that by combining two different materials, you can have the much better quality from your material. Thus, aluminum composite panels are the same. The combination of aluminum layers and the core elements have made them such a great and unique element for construction purposes. For this particular blog post, we will mention their main structural properties and will move on to their features. Finally, we will give our verdict on the ACM panels as well. 

What are aluminum composite panels?What are aluminum composite panels?

As we mentioned earlier, aluminum composite panels are the combination of two aluminum layers and the main core element. This combination has made them unique for construction purposes with a wide variety of applications. But what are those unique features? Here are some of the main features of aluminum composite panels:

  • Durability and rigidness
  • Flexibility and versatility
  • Lightweight
  • Water-resistant
  • Fire-safety 

Durability and rigidness:

Due to their engineering system and structural properties, aluminum composite panels, also known as sandwich panels, are very durable and rigid. This feature is essential for every construction material since these materials can face some environmental hazards. For instance, one of their application is cladding and since cladding materials are exposed to sun, rain, and different situations, their durability is essential. 

Flexibility and versatility: 

Aluminum composite panels are not only durable but are also flexible and versatile. That is, they can be shaped, cut, and drilled into different parts of your project to match even the strangest places of your project. Therefore, their flexibility can come in handy in various projects and installation processes. To find out more about the installation, you can visit ACM Panel Installations. You can also check our other article about visit Cutting the ACM panels

What are aluminum composite panels?Lightweight :

If we had told you from the very beginning that aluminum composite panels are light, flexible, and durable at the same time, you probably would have not believed it. But that is the case. ACM panels are exceptionally lightweight which can further be useful for some applications such as false ceilings and wall partitioning. This feature has also been useful in other industries as well. For instance, lightweight aluminum composite panels have been used in the aircraft industry which is unique among construction materials. 


One of the crucial features of each construction material is its water-resistant and its ability to do so. For instance, ACM panels roofing need to have water-resistant with a unique quality. In fact, they do have water-resistance as their main feature which can be crucial in such application. 

However, one important note of caution is that installing aluminum composite panels is crucial for this feature. A small mistake during the installation process can make this feature demolish easily. 


The fire safety of aluminum composite materials has been under the topic of discussion for the past few years. In other words, ACP materials have had problems in providing enough safety against fire. However, this problem is entirely solved now. To make it short, ACM panels’ main core was the main issue. However, manufacturers and providers have entirely solved the issue by providing alternative core elements. For more information about this problem. you can visit Is All ACM Cladding safe? We suffice to say that aluminum composite panels are now entirely safe and will not have any more problems with the fire safety issue. 

What are aluminum composite panels?ACM Panels Main Structural properties; what are aluminum composite panels?

The features that we provided earlier are possible with the correct and precise structural properties and engineering system. Thus, you might be willing to have more information about them as well.

Aluminum composite materials have two main elements. The first one is two aluminum layers and the second one is the primary core. These two elements are the most crucial properties. 

The aluminum layers and the core:

Since ACM panels are considered to be a composite material, the combination of aluminum layers and the core has made them unique. Due to the fire issue we previously stated, manufacturers have changed the core material to fire-retardant elements. That is, the cores today are now made up of either mineral-filled ones or honeycomb cores. 

Although these two cores have the main usage now, the usage of PE cores that were vulnerable to fire has also not been forgotten. Providers and manufacturers still use the PE core as their core element in one or two-floor buildings and for interior decorations. 

Other structural features:

Aluminum composite materials have also other structural properties. Apart from the core element, the coating material is another essential structure of ACM panels. The coating element can withstand the harshest situations by providing a coating to the colors. That is, no matter in which environment you live, you can always trust ACM panels with different climates. Other than that, you can either use PE or PVDF coating for your panels. To understand this even better, you can take a look at our other article by visiting What is ACM used for?

What are aluminum composite panels?Our Verdict on What are aluminum composite panels?

Aluminum composite materials are the new construction element that has progressed massively for the past few years. Manufacturers and providers have now solved the problem so that you can easily implement them on your projects. For more information, you can also visit our other blog post about How much does ACM Panel Cost?

If you also have more questions, you can put your comments below. Our experts and staff are also available to answer your questions and inquiries.

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