As far as the construction industry is concerned with building a structure, a custom house, or a work office, having some plans are necessary. The first plan is usually deciding what materials to use in the structure. There are several options in this phase, and composite material is one of them. Even in the world of composite materials, there are more alternatives available for customers and clients. Wood, plastic, metal, and ceramic matrix composite materials are some to mention. However, aluminum composite materials and panels (ACP) are the most used construction elements in the industry, and their usage is expanding to other industries. Today, ACP panel manufacturers are one of the most sustainable companies worldwide, and more companies and manufacturers are investing in ACM panels. 

The emergence of ACP panels started in the 1960s with 3A Composites being the first to invent the aluminum composite panels. Moreover, the company managed to keep its patents until 1991. Then, more manufacturers and companies started their production line of ACP panels. It is estimated that more than 200 companies with 4 thousand branches are available worldwide in the ACP industry. For the following paragraphs, we will talk more about aluminum composite panels and some popular ACP panel manufacturers. 


ACP panel manufacturers

Aluminum composite panels; Have they evolved enough?

Like every other material, aluminum composite panels had their problems initially. ACP panels mainly consist of two aluminum layers and one core. So the combination of aluminum layers and the core make the high-quality features of these panels, such as being lightweight, durable, flexible, and even insulated to heat and sound. In other words, composite panels are made up of two or more constituent materials with different physical or chemical properties. 

Still, the core of ACP panels has prompted some concerns for the last few decades. The main of which is the fire safety ratings of the base. The heart of aluminum composite panels is constructed with polyethylene (PE). PE is hugely ignitable, and in some countries, governments have banned ACP products. However, that is not the end of Aluminum composite panels since ACP panel manufacturers have paved their way using non-flammable materials in the core, such as mineral-filled or aluminum cores. Therefore, while choosing your provider and ACP Panel manufacturer, make sure that the panels are fire resistance. 

The two aluminum layers and the central core is not the complete structure of ACP panels. Other materials such as protective film, top coating PDVF, and primer is used for ACP panels to make them more durable and flexible at the same time. For making the colors long-lasting, manufacturers provide chromate treatment to the layers of aluminum. However, the structures might differ in each provider. Hence, you need to know which ACP Panel manufacturers are more reliable. 


ACP panel manufacturers

Top ACP Panel manufacturers:

3A Composites

  • It is impossible to talk about the top ACP Panel manufacturers and not consider 3A Composites and its brands. 3A Composites is the manufacturer and provider of ACM panel worldwide with over 27 locations in Europe, Asia, and North America. The company, with more than 1 billion dollars of annual turnover, has managed to expand its products into different industries. 3A Composites has mainly focused its products in:
  •  Core Materials
  • Architecture & Design
  • Display & Graphic Arts
  • Transport & Industry
  • Corporate Identity Design
  • Fitness, Yoga & Rehabilitation

In core materials, 3A Composites has Airex and Baltex brand name. Furthermore, in architecture and designs, the company has Alucobond and Alucore brand names. Dibond is the name of the brand in the display, and the graphic arts industry. Alucore and Alucobond are also active in the transportation industry. The company has managed to have more than four thousand employees and bear in mind that they are the inventors of aluminum composite panels.


ACP panel manufacturers


Alucoil is an ACM panel manufacturer with a variety of products that could meet the clients’ needs. The company has focused on using non-combustible materials in the ACP panels core and has strongly extended its product in several areas. 

For buildings, Larson composite and Larcore A2 honeycomb panes are recommended by the company. Their products are suitable for interior decoration, exterior cladding, and semi-ventilated and airtight facades. Larson and Larcore A2 have the perfect balance of weight, rigidity, and fireproofing classification. 

Signi is another product of Alucoil aluminum composite panels. These panels that are suitable for modernist designs have a low thickness and consequently are accessible to transform. Like other Alucoil brands, Signi products have used fire-retardant materials in their core, making them the perfect solution for high-class buildings. 

Larcore is the final brand of Alucoil ACP panels. Being a suitable sandwich panel for cruise ships, fast ferries, luxury yachts, and other unique vessels, Larcore has used honeycomb core and two aluminum sheets for the fire safety issues. Their main feature is the support of compressive loads and tension in harsh situations. Furthermore, their products have excellent stiffness and strength. Larcore products are mostly used in architecture, industry, and transportation. 


ACP panel manufacturers


Being the inventor of the aluminum industry in 1888, Alcoa is another top ACP panel manufacturer and producer of the industry. They might not be directly involved in composite panels, but they have accomplished to create and design innovative ideas in the aluminum industry. In other words, Alcoa is a global aluminum producer with various aluminum products such as aluminum smelting, cast products, and rolling.


Alubond, as the company claims, is the world’s largest ACP brand. The brand registered to Mulk Holdings International has more than twenty-five million square meters of aluminum and metal composite panels. Their main production line is in the USA, but they are also active in Europe, UAE, Turkey, and India. 

Alubond is one of the few brands that has thoroughly attempted to have fire retardant ACP panels. The company offers a full range of inflammable cores such as solid aluminum, honeycomb, A2 mineral core, and B mineral Cores. Therefore, if you are bothered by the safety issues of ACP panels manufacturers, Alubond has seemingly solved it.


ACP panel manufacturers

Final words; What are the top ACP panel manufacturers in the world?

Being available for more than five decades, ACP panels have evolved so much that more companies are investing in the aluminum industry. Aluminum composite panels have high-quality features such as flexibility, durability, cost-effectiveness, and is available in various colors and finishes. That’s why most custom house builders, business people, and architects decide to go with ACP panels; however, they find it the most struggling to choose the best ACP panel manufacturer.

 As mentioned earlier, four top aluminum composite manufacturers were introduced. Whether you want an ACP product for your interior decoration, external cladding, signage, or even aircraft or transportation industry, you might need to choose your contractor based on your usage. We provided some excellent information for you to pick more reasonably and also undoubtedly. Still, you should make the final decision and enter the world of aluminum composite materials and enjoy the experience that you have never experienced before. 

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