Aluminum composite panels are today considered as one of the primary construction materials. Though most people know aluminum composite materials (ACM Panels) as a construction element for buildings purposes, this material has also gained more attraction in other industries such as the aircraft and transportation industry. Thus, the growing number of ACM panels manufacturers is not a surprise anymore. The number of ACM panels manufacturers has increasingly expanded worldwide; however, choosing the right one has always been challenging. For more information about ACM panels, you can visit ACM Composite Panels.

The structural properties of each manufacturer are also different from each other. This primarily can affect the final price of ACM panels as well. That is, each provider might use different structural properties for aluminum composite materials based on their clients’ application and usage. For this article, we are going to mention some essential and well-known ACM panel manufacturers. Then, we’ll move to the aluminum composite panel structural properties and engineering system. Finally, we will give our verdict on ACM panels so that you can make a better choice.

ACM Panels ManufacturersTOP ACM Panels Manufacturers:

 Today, there are more than 200 ACM panels manufacturers, which makes your choice more challenging and complex. However, some of them have managed to provide and offer unique features compared to other ones. Further, some of the manufacturers have been in the industry for more than two or three decades, making them popular again. Here are some of the ACM panels manufacturers:

3A Composites:

3A Composites is known as the first producer and inventor of aluminum composite panels. The company started making ACM panels in the 1960s. With the proper production, 3A Composites managed to offer impossible features to find in those times. Features such as being extra light-weight and rigid were only evident in the 3A Composites aluminum composite panels. Thus, the company managed to have the trademark even after three decades. It was only in the 1990s when the other companies successfully had the ACM panel production line. 

All in all, 3A composites have other brand names for the ACM Panel production lines. These brand names include ALUCOBOND, DIBOND, and ALUCore. The company is located in Switzerland and has more than 27 branches with 4 thousand employees.

Alpolic Aluminum Composite Panels:

Mitsubishi Chemicals is a company located in Japan with other branches worldwide. One of their famous brand in the decoration and construction elements is Alpolic which is quite known for clients and customers. With a 20-year guarantee, the company has produced a composite panel with a 200 thickness which is entirely resistant against fire. For more details about this unique brand and their features, you can visit our other blog post about Aluminum Composite Panel For Sale.

ACM Panels ManufacturersOther Top ACM Panels Manfucatures:

Although the companies we mentioned earlier are unique in their way, other producers and manufacturers have also produce composite panels with great features. Companies and brand names such as Alusing, Alstrong, Alucomet, and Yarel Industrial Group are some to mention. All of these companies have produced ACM panels with the most modern and precise types of equipment. However, the producer alone is not the only factor. Other factors such as the engineering system and choosing the right installer are also crucial for the aluminum composite panel.

What are the structural properties of ACM Panels?

Depending on your usage and applications, most ACM panel manufacturers might choose different ACM panel structures and engineering systems. The structural properties of aluminum composite materials consist of a protective film, PE coating, anti-rust aluminum sheets, the core material, polymeric membrance, and the coating element. 

The general rule of thumb for aluminum composite panels is the PE coating and core elements for interior usages and one or two-floor buildings. This is because most governments have limited the use of PE elements for more than two-floor buildings. That is, the fire resistance of the PE cores is not as much as the FR cores, and they can spread fire quickly in case a fire happens. 

ACM Panels ManufacturersSince the problem with the PE cores even caught the attention of some governments, ACM panel manufacturers have decided to use other materials in the core. Thus, the new aluminum composite panels are fully resistant to fire. These panels usually have honeycomb or fire-retardant elements. As a result, they are entirely fire-resistant and can withstand harsh environmental climates. 

The coating materials also have the same situation as the core material. The PE element in the coating materials might not be a good option. However, other elements such as the PVDF or the Nano PVDF are the preferable options here. Although ACM panel manufacturers use different materials for their panels, the panels’ price varies according to the usage and structural properties. For more information, you can also visit ACM Aluminum.

ACM Panels Manufacturers Price:

As mentioned earlier, the ACM panel price can vary according to the structural properties, size, color, and more. For instance, there are generally three types of classifications for aluminum composite panels, including solid colors, pre-fabricated patterns along with customization, and corporate colors. Every kind of color can affect the final price of aluminum composite materials. 

The color choice, however, is not the only factor that can affect the final ACM panels’ price. The size of aluminum composite materials also affects the final price. Aluminum composite panels are available in 3mm thickness up to 7mm, which can be used in various usages. For most parts, ACM panel manufacturers use the 3mm thickness for internal applications since they require less durability. Yet, the external usages are primarily preferable for more thickness, such as 6 or 7mm.

ACM Panels ManufacturersOur final verdict on ACM panels manufacturers:

From the very first time 3A Composites introduced ACM panels, they have pretty managed to gain the attraction of custom-house builders, constructors, and engineers not only for construction purposes but also for other industries. This has resulted in ACM panels being one of the most common construction materials available today. Nowadays, more companies are investing in aluminum composite materials, and it seems that their reign will become more considerable. For more information, we can also suggest visiting ACM Aluminum composite material.

If you also have more questions, you can contact our support team for more details. Our experts are available during working hours to further answer your questions. Feel free to put your comments for more questions and suggestions as well. 

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