The construction materials have significantly evolved for the past few years that choosing the correct one seems rather a challenging task. Besides traditional materials such as fire bricks and clay blocks, modern construction elements have been common recently. Moving away from conventional materials was not easy; however, modern elements’ high-qualities have made the job easier. One of these new construction materials is aluminum composite panel. Even though they were invented in the 1960s, their popularity has increased in the current decade. Various elements can decide whether an ACP Panel is suitable and ideal for your application or not, one of them being PE aluminum composite panel. For more information about these materials, you can visit aluminum sandwich panel. 

PE aluminum composite panel stands for any aluminum composite sheets that include polyethylene in its structure. Though there has been some criticism for the usage of PE in aluminum composite panels, manufacturers and providers still use this material in their products depending on the user application. In other words, your usage defines whether using PE aluminum composite panel is the correct thing or not. First things first, we need to know more about polyethylene.

PE Aluminum Composite Panel

What is polyethylene?

To put it in simple words, polyethylene is related to the typical plastic materials we use every day. However, industry usage is a bit different. Polyethylene is considered a reliable, lightweight, and robust thermoplastic element with a crystalline structure. Their use is so much that the production rate can not be estimated though it is believed that more than ten tons of plastic are produced annually. 

Polyethylene has various applications in the industry. Some of the most well-known polyethylene applications are films, tubes, plastic parts, laminates, and aluminum composite panels. PE aluminum composite panel is designed to withstand harsh, severe, cold, or hot conditions. 

PE Aluminum Composite Panel Benefits:

The fact that many buildings and projects today use ACP as their primary material shows how trustworthy aluminum composite panel is. It’s not even that. If you read the advantages and qualities of PE aluminum composite panel, you can notice why they have been so popular. For more information, you can visit ACM sheets. Here are some of the advantages and features of PE aluminum composite panel:

PE is light in weight:

We can undoubtedly say that PE is used in aluminum composite panel core due to its lightweight. The lightweight of aluminum composite sheets has allowed clients to use them in cladding, wall partitions, rooftops, train stations, false ceilings, and even the transportation and aircraft industry. Furthermore, PE usage in ACM panels has resulted in a more cost-effective material, which is essential when building a custom house.  

PE Aluminum Composite Panel


Though at first, you might assume that PE is not durable, you need to reconsider. Aluminum composite panels are one of the most durable and rigid materials available worldwide. Even in cold climates such as Canada, ACM panels with the PE core can withstand winter’s cold days. 


Lightweight, durable, and flexible are the words that are hard to exist in construction material. Still, with the correct usage of structural properties, ACM panel has been made possible. 

Color choice:

Though color choice, like the previous features, is not explicitly related to the PE materials. Aluminum composite panels can offer various color choices to increase the charisma of your construction, project, or decoration elements. For instance, the PE aluminum composite panel is available in both solid and corporate colors. The solid colors are suitable for custom house builders, whereas the corporate colors are ideal for advertisement and business people. Furthermore, the customization of the panels is also possible. Various finishes such as mirror, marble, wooden, and more textures can be purchased for the PE aluminum composite panel. 

PE Aluminum Composite Panel

Where can you use PE aluminum composite panel?

As previously mentioned, there have been some limitations for applying the PE aluminum composite panel in some countries. The reason for banning PE in countries relates to their fire behavior. There has been some evidence that the PE cores can spread the fire quickly compared to fire-retardant materials, which stops spreading fire mainly if ACP is used for cladding or facade. Therefore, PE aluminum composite panel usage is more limited and mostly applies to indoor applications. Here are some of the indoor usages of aluminum composite panels:

  • Wall covering: The wall covering of aluminum composite sheets for the interior part of a project is the same as cladding for exterior use. However, the risk of fire is significantly reduced in the internal part of the buildings. That’s why PE  panel will not cause any trouble when used for interior applications. 
  • Internal decoration: Wall covering can be considered one part of interior decoration; however, more details can be applied for internal decoration. For instance, kitchen and room decoration are typical by using ACP Panels. 
  • False ceilings: The ACP features and characteristics have made it possible to use false ceiling by applying aluminum composite sheets. Some features, such as exceptional insulation properties required for false ceilings, are simply found in ACM panels. 
  • Partitions: Mostly used in offices, partitions are applied in places where heat and sound insulation is necessary. Aluminum composite panels can provide exceptional insulation features. Moreover, the durability of ACM sheets can also be handy in these circumstances.

PE Aluminum Composite Panel

Is it better to use FR cores? 

The difference between FR and PE cores is not significant to some extent. FR stands for fire-retardant materials, which is used in the ACM sheet core. On the other hand, PE stands for polyethylene, a plastic material that manufacturers apply in aluminum composite panels. 

As the name suggests, fire retardant materials stop spreading the fire. Most manufacturers use mineral-filled cores for this purpose. They are more expensive and are not considered budget-friendly. On the other side of this story is PE cores, which are vulnerable to fire, but they are more cost-effective. For more information about different manufacturers and providers, you can visit ACP Panel Manufacturers. 

PE Aluminum Composite Panel

Final thoughts: PE Aluminum Composite Panel; Does it worth it?

The PE aluminum composite panel ban is not the same in different countries. Some regulations don’t allow the use of PE in the buildings or cladding materials in some states. That’s not always the case, though. Some other countries allow PE ACM panel only for one or two-floor buildings. For more than two-floor buildings, it is advisable to implement FR cores.

The price comparison between PE and FR cores clearly shows that PE cores are most budget-friendly. Therefore, when purchasing a suitable material for your construction project, always contact your supplier for more information. Our experts are also available for any questions you have. Furthermore, you can visit aluminum composite material for an in-depth review of ACM panels. 

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