The safety issues regarding the construction materials should not be underlooked because they can directly deal with the safety of people. That’s why more and more safety measures are now available for construction elements. As a result, more producers and manufacturers are today producing more safe elements. One of these elements is aluminum composite materials which we also recognized as ACM panels. The safety issues of ACM materials, particularly ACM cladding has been under investigation for quite some time now. Thus, the question is that Is All ACM Cladding Unsafe? For more information about the materials themselves, you can also visit ACM Boards.

Is All ACM Cladding Unsafe? This is perhaps the first question that most clients and customers ask when they want to purchase aluminum composite materials. To determine the safety of ACM panels, you first need to know more about their engineering systems and structural properties. Then, for each application, there is a certain safety measurement about which we will discuss further below. Finally, we will try to give our verdicts on ACP materials and their safety issues.

Is All ACM Cladding Unsafe Is All ACM Cladding Unsafe?

Aluminum composite materials are considered to be safe materials. This is a very short answer to the question above. They are entirely safe. However, in the previous years, it had come a part when people and of course governments couldn’t trust aluminum composite panels, and they had all the right to do so. The reason behind the safety discussion of ACM panels mostly goes back to their application and their engineering system. Thus, in order to have more information, you need to know more about their structural properties:

ACM Cladding Structural Properties:

The structural properties of aluminum composite panels play a massive role in their safety measures. Although the structural properties of ACM cladding are not straightforward, two elements have a crucial role in their final quality and safety:

  • The Core Element
  • The Coating Material

The core element:

Aluminum composite materials consist of two aluminum layers and core material. In other words, the logic behind a composite material is to combine and use two different materials in order to get a much more robust element. This is also the case for ACM panels. However, the core material had caused issues before getting to the new ones.

The previous core material that most manufacturers used was polyethylene (PE). PE had a tendency to spread fire in a very quick time. Thus, governments put some restrictions to make the panels safer. The restriction was that aluminum composite panels with PE cores can not be used in more than two-floor buildings. Consequently, people can only use PE cores for their internal applications or less than two-floor buildings. 

The solution to this problem was not that hard. Most manufacturers and providers decided to apply fire-retardant cores to the panels. Fire-retardant cores include honeycomb or mineral-filled ones. By using fire-retardant cores, aluminum composite panels and ACM Cladding are now entirely safe and you can use them for all the projects that you have in mind. But as we mentioned earlier, the fire safety problem was not only related to the core material. The coating material also has a role in their safety:

The core elementThe coating material and the ACM cladding safety:

The core material has almost the same situation as the core element. In general, the coating material has three main elements which the customers can choose based on their applications:

  • The PE Coating
  • The PVDF Coating
  • Nano PVDF Coating

Same as the core element, the PE coating can cause safety issues. That is, they will have a greater chance of expanding and spreading fire in case of emergencies. However, the other two options are entirely fire-resistant and can withstand the harshest environmental problems. As a result, they can provide and offer exceptional durability for ACM cladding. Then, if you have the question that is all ACM cladding unsafe? you can now answer it because you’ve already known that the structural properties of aluminum composite panels have a massive role in their safety. For more info, make sure to visit ACM Panel Details

Is All ACM Cladding unsafe? How about other applications?

Up to now, we have an understanding that the ACM cladding is entirely safe if the correct engineering system and structural properties are applied. However, most clients use aluminum composite materials for other purposes. That is, clients and customers prefer to use aluminum composite panels for both internal and external usages.

Internal applications:

Although fire safety is a crucial factor for construction material, internal safety is not as crucial as external ones. However, today, most ACM panel manufacturers provide safety measurements for ACM panels even for internal applications. The internal applications of aluminum composite panels include the following usages:

  • Interior decoration: Due to their variant color choices and painting finishes, aluminum composite panels are the perfect choice for ACM cladding. They can offer exceptional designs with appropriate durability.
  • Wall Partitioning: Wall partitioning is another internal application of ACM panels. The durability and flexibility of aluminum composite panels among with their sound and heat insulation can come in handy for wall partitioning. 
  • False ceilings: False ceilings can also offer sound and heat insulation features with ACM panels. They are a great choice for false ceilings since they can also offer various designs with charming schemes.

Internal ACM ApplicationsExternal Applications: 

ACM panels’ main application is probably related to the external ones. That’s the reason that the safety issue of aluminum composite materials is of great importance. 

  • Cladding: ACM Cladding is the most common application of ACM panels. It also sometimes refers to siding or facade. Cladding is completely safe and can cause no harm with the recent progress in ACP materials.
  • Roofing: Since aluminum composite panels are entirely water-resistant, they can offer roofing applications as well. However, it is essential to apply the roofing with great precision since a small mistake and misadjustment can destroy this feature. 
  • Road Signage: Since ACM panels have unique durability, most governments apply them for signage. This is also another proof that ACM cladding and other applications are entirely safe.

Other external applications of aluminum composite materials can be seen in advertisement panels or other industries. In other words, the development of ACM panels has been so outstanding that today engineers use them for the aircraft industry as well. The lightweight feature of aluminum composite panels is a great feature for the aircraft and transportation industry. 

ACM Cladding SafeteyACM panel safety and our verdict:

Aluminum composite panels have been in the industry for more than six decades. Although the fire issue was a major setback for ACM panels and particularly for ACM cladding, today providers and manufacturers have completely solved this problem by providing fire-retardant cores and coating materials. For more information, you can also visit ACM Sheets for Sale

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