The image that you expect from constructions can include some factors and elements to be ideal. One of these factors can be the construction material. If we want to prioritize the critical aspects of a building, the construction material can be the first one. Numerous structures or construction elements are available for custom house builders, contractors, and suppliers. More recently, composite materials have been common. Some of the composite materials include concrete, fiberglass, plywood, and more. However, there have been some changes in the composite materials, which have resulted in the appearance of aluminum sandwich panel. 

The first company to invent Aluminum Sandwich Panel was 3A Composites in the 1960s. Due to their high quality and unique features, aluminum composite panels (ACP) have been used in various projects worldwide. These panels mostly consist of two layers of aluminum and a core. These two layers surround the core; that’s why ACP panels are entitled aluminum sandwich panels. For this article, we’ll discuss aluminum sandwich panel prices and applications; however, for more details, you can visit other articles in our blog posts such as ACM Sheets.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Aluminum Sandwich Panel Price:

One of the reasons for these materials’ popularity is their price. The price is considered a unique feature, but this feature requires more and a particular explanation. Aluminum sandwich panel price can be affected by various factors. For instance, ACP panel size, shape, and color can all change the final pricing. Moreover, critical structural properties also play an essential role in their price. The crucial properties include the core and coating material. 

PE Vs FR Core:

The initial material that was used in aluminum composite panels was polythene (PE). Most manufacturers use PE due to their flexibility and rigidness. The problem with PE is fire behavior. Some governments have put restrictions on the usage of PE cores due to their fire resistance and spreading fire in emergencies. Nonetheless, most providers have offered other solutions to increase aluminum sandwich panel safety. For instance, manufacturers use fire retardant material for improving the safety of ACM panels. One of these materials is mineral-filled ones, which has proven to be fire-resistant under challenging situations. Although PE is still used for indoor applications, most clients prefer fire retardant materials, mostly for exterior usages. It goes without saying that fire-retardant materials can be more costly compared to mineral-filled cores. 

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Another crucial element that plays a vital role in aluminum sandwich panel price is the coating material. The coating material is of significant importance due to its protection against color fading. PE is can also be used for the coating material. Yet, manufacturers use PVDF due to its high quality and rigidness. The same situation and application apply to the coating material as well. For instance, PE coating material is mostly used in kitchen decoration or wall partitioning, whereas the PVDF coating is preferred in exterior usages such as ACP cladding. For more information, you can visit Aluminum Cladding Panels.

We tried to mention two critical factors that have a direct effect on aluminum sandwich price. Many factors decide the cost of construction material where You can check them on visit ACM Panel Price.

ACP Panel Applications and Usages:

The competitive price of aluminum sandwich panels plus their high quality and features have allowed them to be used in various applications. You can visit ACP Panel for more information.

Indoor usages:

Aluminum composite panels have numerous indoor applications and usages:

  • Interior decoration: The most common aluminum sandwich panel for indoor applications is interior decoration. Known for its durability, aluminum sandwich panel is the ideal choice for kitchen or room decoration. Furthermore, the color choice makes these materials perfect for the following usages. 
  • Partitions: Mostly used in offices, wall partitions are the perfect usage for aluminum sandwich panel. Due to their heat and sound insulation properties, ACM panels are ideal for wall partitions in offices and houses.
  • False ceilings: The insulation properties can also be applied in false ceilings. Moreover, ACM panels have been considerably durable in these kinds of applications. Most architects and constructors use false ceilings with aluminum composite panels to protect the inside heat.

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Exterior Usages:

  • Exterior cladding: One of the most common applications of aluminum sandwich panels is exterior cladding. ACP panels have a variety of shapes and sizes, which is entirely beneficial for siding and cladding. Furthermore, the combination of solid and corporate colors are another reason to use aluminum composite materials for siding.
  • Signage: Another useful application of aluminum composite materials that most cities use is signage, especially road signage. The durability of ACM panels is the feature that makes these materials great for road signage. In the case of raining, ACM panels have the right structure to withstand the situation.
  • Stations: More recently, manufacturers have developed ACM panels suitable for train stations, bus stations, or roofs. The quality of aluminum sandwich panel has increased to the extent that it can also be applied in airports.
  • Transportation: If you think that ACM panels are only useful for construction projects, you need to reconsider your opinion. The transportation industry has also benefited from applying aluminum sandwich panels due to their lightweight and flexibility. 
  • Aircraft: If transportation is not enough proof for the quality of aluminum sandwich panel, the aircraft usage should be. The ACM panel weight is ideal for the aircraft industry. Moreover, aluminum composite sheets are cost-effective and don’t cost the designer a wide margin. 

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Aluminum Sandwich Panel Roofing and Door:

As mentioned earlier, aluminum composite panels have been widely used in rooftops and interior decoration, such as doors. Aluminum sandwich panel door is also standard among the constructors and custom house builders. Roofing materials must be water-resistant, and aluminum composite panels, if sealed correctly, are water-resistant and offer excellent insulation properties. 

The wide choice of colors is suitable for aluminum sandwich panel door as well. One unique feature of ACM sheets is the customization of the colors. For instance, you can have your preferred design in aluminum composite panels. Furthermore, Pre-fabricated materials such as wooden, marble, and mirror textures are also available for customers. 

Aluminum Sandwich Panel

Final thoughts: 

The ACM industry has certainly expanded and improved for the last couple of years. This can be proven by taking a look at the aluminum sandwich panel applications and usages. Moreover, manufacturers have implemented some additional changes to the aluminum sandwich panels to offer protection, stability, and engaging design. 

ACP panels allow architects and designers to create novel structures. They can be applied in unique patterns because they are available in various sizes and shapes. These materials have been invented in the 1960s, and their usage has increased ever since. If you have more questions regarding the ACM panels, you can call our experts. Our experts are available to answer your questions and make things more clear and visible for you.  You can also check aluminum composite sheet for more details. 

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