The materials that we use in construction are mainly dependant on some factors. When designing or choosing a construction material, it is essential to consider some crucial factors. For instance, you might need to select a material that has the most durability. On the other hand, some may prefer to choose the material to reduce their cost and save more. Yet, it seems quite challenging to find an element that has all these factors at the same time. However, we want to make your job easier by introducing aluminum panel sheet at a reasonable and logical price. But what are aluminum panel sheets? For more information, you can visit ACP Panel.

Aluminum panel sheet is considered a composite material that is common among constructors, builders, engineers, and custom-house builders. Though some people have made myths and avoid using these composite elements, in this article, we’ll try to remove the tale and clarify why it is affordable and reasonable to choose aluminum panel sheets. Aluminum panel sheet price is also affected by various factors, and it is not easy to determine a fixed price. Within this article, we’ll first introduce APS (Aluminum Panel Sheet), then we’ll move into the affecting factors that can determine aluminum panel sheet price. For more details, you can read our other article about ACM Sheets.

Aluminum Panel Sheet PriceAluminum Panel Sheet Price Introduction:

The general idea for composite panels is to offer two different materials that are more durable and provide more qualities than each material. The situation is the same for aluminum panel sheets. There are two different kinds of materials in the panels. The first one is aluminum, and the second one is PE or FR core. The two aluminum sheets surround the core. Therefore, the aluminum panel sheet is also called a sandwich panel. For more information about the structural properties of ACM panels, you can visit Aluminum Composite Sheet. For this article, we suffice to mention some critical issues regarding the PE and FR cores and how they affect the aluminum panel sheet price.

 Generally, the PE core, which consists of polyethylene, costs less than the FR core. This is mostly due to the reason that FR cores offer more safety measures against fire. In other words, PE cores have the behavior of spreading fire quickly. However, the FR cores do not spread fire at all costs. Due to their fire behavior, most clients use PE cores for interior usages, whereas FR cores are advisable for exterior applications. 

Aluminum panel sheets were first introduced in the 1960s by 3A Composites. The company had the trademark and patent for more than three decades. During the three decades, 3A Composites managed to sell an incredible amount of the panels. That’s what made other companies invest in aluminum panel sheet with a logical and reasonable price. Therefore, in the 1990s, the usage of ACM panels increased significantly. It is estimated that more than 200 companies are now actively producing aluminum composite panels with decent qualities and various options.

Aluminum Panel Sheet Price What can change the aluminum panel sheet price?

As we previously mentioned, the core of the aluminum panels can hugely make a difference in the aluminum panel sheet price. However, the core is not the only factor. Other factors also come into play when talking about the ACM panels price. Another critical factor is the coating material, which is almost the same as the core element. Although there are more than two coating materials for aluminum composite materials, PE and PVDF are the most common types. 

The PE coating material has no difference compared to the PE core element. Therefore, it is advisable to use PE coating for interior usage due to their fire behavior. However, PVDF coating is the one that is mostly used for exterior applications. As you have probably guessed by now, the PVDF coating costs more than the PE coating. Furthermore, more companies and providers today use PVDF coating in their aluminum panels. There is also another option which is Nano PVDF. The Nano type is mostly anti-dirt; thus, you will not experience dirt on these panels, and if it happens to get messy, you can clean it easily. 

The color choice:

Apart from the coating material, your color choice can also affect the aluminum panel sheet price. There are generally three categories when selecting the right color:

  1. Solid Colors: Solid colors are for those who prefer not to have any complicated designs. In other words, people who want simple and attractive design at the same time select solid colors. 
  2. Textures and Customizations: Another viable option for clients is color customizations. As the name suggests, customers can design and select their preferred pattern. Moreover, there are pre-fabricated patterns available such as mirror, marble, wooden, and metallic.
  3. Corporate colors: The final option is aimed at the businessmen. This option provides a unique set of colors for companies who want to have a specific theme. Additionally, you can print your company logo on the panels.

Aluminum Panel Sheet PriceAluminum Composite Panel Size:

So far, we have mentioned some essential factors that can change the aluminum panel sheet price. Yet, another crucial element that decides the price is aluminum composite panel size and thickness. Due to their durability and flexibility, Custom house builders can use aluminum panel sheets in a variety of applications requiring different sizes and shapes. As a result, it is evident that the size of the panels can change the price. 

Ordinarily, the size of the panels usually refers to the thickness. ACM panels thickness starts from three mm up to six mm. For interior applications, less thickness is required, whereas, for external usages, it is suggested to use more thickness so that aluminum composite panels can provide durability and flexibility. 

Aluminum Panel Sheet PriceWhere can you use Aluminum Panel Sheet Price?

The usage of aluminum panel sheet price in the construction industry is vast enough. If you want to know the full details of the ACM panel application, we suggest reading ACM Panel Installation Full Guide. However, for this article, we will only mention some of the essential usages of aluminum composite panels:

  • For internal applications, clients use aluminum composite panels in a room or kitchen decoration, with wall partitions and false ceilings. One of the features that are exceptionally useful for partitions is the insulation properties of ACM panels. 
  • For external usages, most manufacturers provide aluminum panel sheets for cladding. ACP cladding or facade and wall siding are among the most popular uses of ACP materials.

Aluminum Panel Sheet PriceThe Verdict; Is ACM Panel Affordable?

If you want to know whether aluminum composite materials are affordable or not, you need to know the material’s features and what they offer. For more information, you can visit Aluminum Sandwich Panel. However, within this article, we mentioned the most crucial structure of Aluminum sheets. We also discussed what can affect the aluminum panel sheet price and where most custom house builders or constructors use this material. 

Generally, we believe that ACM panels’ prices are reasonable and cost-effective. However, if you are still in doubt about your project’s price, you can contact us anytime you want. Our experts and advisors are available for any questions. 

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