The logic behind composite materials is that combining two different elements with diverse physical and chemical properties can make them much more robust. Ceramic and metal matrix composite, Plywood, Fiberglass, sandwich composites, and composite honeycomb are considered composite materials. Each one of these composite materials has its application and usage. Though some may be used in the construction industry, it is aluminum composite sheet that has dominated the market for the past few years. Due to their high-quality features, ACM Panels have gained the attention of constructors, architects, and custom house builders. Visit Alumimum Compsoite Panel for more information.

Aluminum composite sheet includes two main aluminum layers sandwiching a central core. Of course, the structure of ACM panels is more complicated than that. That’s why in this article, we’ll talk more about aluminum composite sheet. We’ll explain aluminum panels’ properties, their structure, and their price.

Aluminum Composite Sheet

Aluminum Composite Sheet Properties:

When you research the product you are going to buy, the first thing you notice is their features and properties. Aluminum composite sheets have unique properties, which is one of the reasons that can be used in almost any project or constructions. Being durable, rigid, yet flexible is only the tip of an iceberg. We’ll dig more here:

Durable and Rigid:

The first thing that comes into the mind when talking about construction materials is their durability. Aluminum composite sheets are considered a durable and rigid material that can further be explained due to their structure. One of the ACM panels’ applications is road signs, and it is pretty apparent that road signs must be durable. Therefore, we can confidently say that aluminum composite sheets can last for years to come.

Aluminum Composite Sheet

Rigid, yet Durable

The rigidness of aluminum composite sheet has not stopped it from being flexible. In fact, ACM panels are one of the most flexible constructions and decorative materials out there. Using aluminum composite sheets in cladding and siding proves that how much ACP panels are adjustable. You can even bend them as much as possible. Furthermore, they are easy to cut, bend, and fold. For more information, you can read our newest article about bending ACM panels. Visit aluminum cladding panels for more details.

No, They are not heavy!

It might be considered as a cliche that most construction materials are heavy. This might be true for some of them; however, that is not the case for aluminum composite sheets. ACM panels’ weight is not going to be a challenge in your project. Therefore, you can easily use them in any place and project. For more details, take a look at Aluminum Composite Material.

You won’t be able to choose the color!

Having a variety of colors for your project is a must-have feature. Aluminum composite sheets can give you various colors, which will give your project an appealing look, and it can entirely satisfy your taste. ACM panels are available in solid colors, different finishes and textures, and corporate designs. In other words, you can customize your panel the way you wish. If you want to print your corporate logo or use the panels in a room or a kitchen, you need to tell your contractor or supplier to apply your design.

Aluminum Composite Sheet

Don’t worry about the rain:

One of the most common usages for aluminum composite panels is cladding. ACP cladding is used for better stability of the construction and also for making the building more attractive. One issue that might pop in your head is the resistance against water. Aluminum composite sheets are entirely water-resistant, making them ideal for exterior usages such as signage, cladding, advertisement panels, industry, and transportation. For more information, you can visit Aluminum Cladding.

Attention to the details:

What makes ACM panels so exclusive and unique is their availability in different sizes and shapes. That’s one reason architects can pay a lot of attention to the details when creating new aluminum composite sheet designs. For instance, the 3mm thickness of ACM panels are mostly used in interior decoration since more attention to details is necessary. On the other hand, for exterior usages, more than 4mm thickness is advisable because persistence plays an important part. For more information, you can visit ACP Sheet.

Aluminum Composite Sheet

ACM Panels Structure:

One of the significant factors that can affect the function of aluminum composite sheet is its structure. Some manufacturers might go for a different design; nevertheless, the ACM panels’ general form usually remains the same. First, you should expect a protective film on top of the ACM panels to protect them before installation. You can visit ACM Panel Installation for more info.

Other structural material for ACP panels consists of the paint coating. This coating can be varied according to the users’ applications. For instance, if you want to use aluminum composite sheet for interior usages such as decoration or false ceilings, you can ask your contractor to apply PE coating. However, you would expect the PDVF coating for more durability, which can also increase the aluminum composite sheet price. Moreover, some premium coating materials such as Nano PDVF coating can also be applied.

Apart from the coating elements, the aluminum composite sheet core is one of these panels’ most significant parts. Most suppliers used polythene core initially; however, as time passed, the core material has changed to fire-retardant elements such as mineral filled cores. Polythene core is still used for interior designs, but exterior applications require non-combustible core elements.

Aluminum Composite Sheet

Aluminum Composite Sheet Price:

In previous parts, we tried to shed light on ACM panels and their properties. But one of the essential features for many customers is aluminum composite sheet cost. Though we have previously explained thoroughly about this issue in the ACM Panel Cost, we suffice to say that some factors mostly affect the panels’ cost. For instance, the coating material and the core are the most critical factors when talking about the price. Moreover, other situations like color customization and printing the desired logo can also change the price.

Other elements that affect the ACM panel cost is the size and shape. If you want to use them for ACP cladding, you may need more thickness, whereas the interior usages require less thickness. All of these factors can affect the ACP panel price. For more details, visit ACM Panel Price.

Aluminum Composite Sheet

Final Thoughts: Does Aluminum Composite Sheet Worth It?

The structural properties of aluminum composite sheets have made them a decent choice, among other construction materials. The various applications that constructors use for aluminum composite sheets prove that ACP materials are suitable for any project. Whether you want to use them for cladding or fancy a rich decoration, you can count on aluminum composite sheets.

Furthermore, the reasonable price of ACM panels is another reason that can motivate clients to get these panels. Though different manufacturers might provide different prices, we at Longboarding always try to present the best possible value. Our experts are also available for any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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