Today’s world is not the same as the previous days in the construction industry. The variety of buildings and the materials used in the structures are not comparable to the materials used in previous years. The alternation is not limited merely to the construction material. There have been some modifications in the aesthetics of the buildings as well. Therefore, the need for a better and more durable element is now apparent. One of the materials that gained popularity among the constructors is aluminum composite panels (ACM Panels). Though this particular material has various usages and applications, clients can also use it in aluminum composite panel roof, which is the topic of our discussion. For more information about these new and modern-aged construction elements, you can visit Aluminum Sandwich Panel.

Generally, aluminum composite panels have various usages such as facades, false ceilings, advertisement panels, and wall cladding. However, one of its uses has become more popular lately, which is aluminum composite panel roof. In this article, we’ll talk more about ACM panels and their structure. We will also explain why ACM panels are the ideal materials for your building roof, and then we’ll move to the other usages of ACP materials. 

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofAluminum Composite Panel Roof Structures:

The structure of aluminum composite panels is in a way that has made them suitable for various applications. For instance, the coating materials are different based on each usage.Providers apply PVDF coating when exterior uses are essential for clients, whereas polyethylene coating is the most common coating element for interior application. Although PE coating is more cost-effective, it is advisable to use PVDF for roof structures; therefore, the durability of aluminum composite materials will stay the same. With that in mind, you need to have more information about ACM Panel cores as well. 

Two aluminum sheets surround the core of aluminum composite elements. Most providers make the sheets in a way to provide perfect qualities such as insulation properties. Yet, the core is in the middle of the sheets, which is usually made up of PE or FR materials. To compare these two elements, we need to take a look at their fire behavior. PE, which stands for polyethylene, does not have a good relationship with fire and can spread fire in case of emergencies. On the other hand, fire retardant materials provide safety against fire by not spreading them. That’s why manufacturers distinguish these two cores and sheets; however, most providers advise using PE for interior usages, whereas FR cores are mostly critical for external applications. 

If you want to use aluminum composite panel for roof, we also suggest using FR cores:

  1. They provide outstanding durability, which is essential in roof building.
  2. They are not vulnerable to fire, which is a necessary feature of every roofing material.
  3. You need to make sure that your provider installs aluminum composite panels acqurately.

If that is not the case, there is a possibility of water leakage. Therefore, always check with your installer to make sure that water leakage is prevented and fixed. 

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofWhy using Aluminum Composite Panel Roof?

Various reasons can provide an understandable logic behind using ACM panels in roofs. In other words, by explaining the qualities and characteristics of aluminum composite panels, we can certainly make sure that aluminum composite panel is the right and ideal material for applying in roofs. For more details, you can visit Top ACP Manufacturers in the World. Here are some of the ACM panel features:

Water Resistance:

The first noticeable feature of roofing material should be the resistance against water. As we mentioned earlier, if your manufacturer seals the panels correctly, and if you have a trustable installer, water leakage should not be an issue. However, always try to make sure that your panels are resistant to fire. 


Another essential feature of roofing material should be its durability. This is not also an issue with aluminum composite panel roof since these panels have proved to provide exceptional durability while being cost-effective. In comparison, other roofing materials need to be changed after a couple of years, which is not a great task for projects and constructors. 


If you are designing a complex construction that requires a large amount of flexibility, then aluminum composite panel can be the ideal choice. When talking to the customers, most of them find it challenging and unbelievable to use a material that has rigidness, durability, and flexibility. Yet, aluminum composite panel roof can offer these features with the best possible results. 

Color Choice:

One of the unique features of aluminum composite panels as a construction element in roofs is their color variety. The color variety is of great importance since it can change the design of a project. Three main categories of color choices are available for clients. One of the categories is corporate colors, which is most suitable for companies that want a unique set of colors. Furthermore, there is an additional feature of printing logos on the aluminum composite panel roof.

Apart from the corporate colors, there are also two other categories, namely regular and texture colors. The former is most ideal for interior decorations and room designs, and the latter is suggested for those who want to have more customizations with their panels. 

Aluminum Composite Panel RoofAny more ACM Panel Applications?

The usage of ACP materials is not limited to an aluminum composite panel roof. Aside from roof usages, ACM panels are also available for other applications. The applications in the construction industry are categorized in either interior or exterior uses. Some examples of interior usages can be wall partitioning, false ceilings, interior decoration, and room cladding. On the other hand, most manufacturers provide aluminum composite panels for wall cladding, facade, and insulation features for exterior usages.

The application of aluminum composite panels doesn’t include the construction industry only. Other industries have also taken the benefit of using ACP materials. The transportation industry has used ACM panels recently. Some examples are metro stations, metro roofs, train bodies, and more. However, the lightweight of ACP materials is useful for the aircraft industry too. For more information, you can check our other article about visit Aluminum Composite Sheet.

What is our verdict?

It should be clear by now that aluminum composite materials have helped the construction industry be more beneficent, useful, and appropriate. Aluminum composite panels have various usages; however, one of the applications was this article’s focus. Because of the high-qualities and outstanding durability, aluminum composite panel roof has become more popular and has gained clients’ trust. The development of these materials is ongoing everyday, and the usage of ACM panels in other industries is another proof of aluminum composite panel’s high qualities and exceptional features. For more information, you can also visit ACM Panel Cost or contact our support team. We are available to give you more details with our experts. 

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