Aluminum composite panel price

Aluminum composite panel has three layers in which two aluminum sheets are covering the core. The material of the core can be changed with the need of customers. Aluminum composite panel price can be affected by many different characteristics. Some of these price changes could be the panel itself features like thicknesses, fireproofing, changing the core material, and the factors that customers want to personalize. On the other hand, another reason is the cost of manufacturing. The aluminum composite panel price varies because these costs are shifting. Therefore, aluminum composite panel price is not fixed, and many factors can affect it.

Aluminum composite panel price

Which characteristics can change the Aluminum composite panel price? 

Aluminum composite panel (ACP) features are beneficial. We can rely on these features and choose a sandwich panel for every project. We will talk about them one by one. 

  • Lightweight  
  • Colorful Panel 
  • Long lifetime
  • Easy to make 
  • Self-cleaning  
  • Anti-static  
  • Ease of cleaning
  • Fireproof 
  • Sound and weather resistance  


The aluminum composite panel is made of different thicknesses. It starts from 0.2 mm to 5 mm or more. Usually, the high thickness is used outdoor, and the thick panels are used for interior decoration. Outdoor usage is more expensive than the interior. Therefore, different thicknesses can change aluminum composite panel prices. 

Different Colors 

A variety of colors can make your project unique at a low cost. For example, if you want to change your home decoration, you must pay a lot of money for painting colors or wallpaper and even your design might not end up very well. On the other hand, using ACP can make you happy since it gives you a better result. Hence, aluminum composite panel price is affordable because you can save extra costs and be happy for the final result. 


Great lifetime

Aluminum composite panels have a lifetime of about more than thirty years. Using this panel compared to other construction materials is very valuable. By using ACP, there is no need to worry about your project and changes. So, aluminum composite panel price is surprisingly reasonable. 



ACP panels have high flexibility. They can easily be changed to different shapes. Furthermore, one of the uses of ACP is in bus stops and roofs, requiring a high level of bending. As we previously mentioned, aluminum composite panel price is moderate. 


Bein anti-static means that aluminum composite panel surface is covered with a metal that is not easily attached to dust. Even in harsh weather conditions, we may need to clean the surface once upon a time in one year. So, we call them self cleaning. Another point is that an ACP surface can easily be cleaned with water and without any detergent. Thus, the aluminum composite panel price is suitable for all users. 


Fireproof sheets  

Nowadays, making a house has a lot of costs. You will be amazed at how much you can save money by using ACP panels. Aluminum composite panels have high resistance to fire. If a building gets caught in fire, aluminum composite panels can reduce fire and gas attacks. Therefore, if used with the right core material, aluminum composite panels can even save your life. 


Insulation properties

This panel has excellent sound and heat insulation properties. Every year we pay a lot of money on bills like gas and electricity. By using these materials, we can save heat in the winter and cold weather in summer. Therefore, we can save money a lot of energy, and for sure, we can say that aluminum composite panel price is economical.  

Eco friendly  

The aluminum composite panel is a panel with high resistance of fire, but burned pieces and poison return to the ecosystem if it is burned. So, we can say it is a green material.  

Aluminum composite panel price

What can affect the aluminum composite panel price?

Some other factors could affect the aluminum composite price. However, the most important ones are:

Raw material  (Direct and indirect material cost)

Labor cost 

An overload cost 

Transferring cost 

In the making roll, materials are divided into two parts. 

Direct material is a kind of stuff produced directly on the manufacturer, for example, gold in jewelry. The direct material doesn’t directly affect the price, but we can not remove it from the cost list—for instance, glue in a chair. In other words, direct materials are essential for the product

Labor costs are another affecting factor. Workers need to be effective, so paying them enough salary is vital. Some workers have a direct effect on making rolls like managers. On the other hand, other workers have not been directly involved, but we can not remove them; the transportation cost is another case. So, aluminum composite panel price is affluence by different types of expenses. Maybe the salary of truck driver changes in one season like winter because of cold weather or snowfall days. In fact, everything can affect the ACP price.

  • An overload cost is a cost that does not contain the principal value, but it must be calculated. 
  • Transferring cost means the cost of product transportation. The greater the distance, the higher the price. Hence, labor rates, transport costs, and taxes are all affected by the project’s geographical location and need to be accounted for. 

Aluminum composite panel

Aluminum composite panel structure 

We now understand how characteristics and features can affect aluminum composite panel prices, but it’s not the end. Aluminum panels have different models that can be personalized by customers.  

Some of these characteristics are 

  • Thicknesses  
  • PVDF coating surface  
  • PE coating  
  • Core materials 


Thickness is a variable feature. It starts from 0.2 mm to 5 mm or more. For example, exterior walls and advertisements boards are coated with fluorocarbon or polyester should have a thickness above 0.2 mm until 4 mm. The indoor usage of aluminum composite panels can not be more than 0.1 mm to 3 mm. For building walls panel, the minimum thickness of upper and lower aluminum sheets should be between 0.5 mm and 4mm. PDVF surface is also popular among manufacturers since they can provide better properties.

The difference between these two kinds of surface are as follows :

  1. PE coating has protective and decorative characteristics. PE coating is a kind of sheet that is anti-UV and is also resistant to harsh situations. It’s used in indoor and outdoor design, billboard and signboard. 
  2. PVDF coating is a luxurious color surface that doesn’t get destroyed quickly. It is made for places that have harsh weather conditions. So it is suitable for outdoors that has bad weather and storms. The panel with a PVDF surface can last for several decades. Besides, fluorocarbon has a high-grade appearance but also has appreciation value and has high protection of the building. 

PE and PVDF coating is the same in making rolls; the only difference between PE and PVDF coating is coating. Fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils have more stable chemical properties than polyester coated aluminum coils. The places that have been used are the same, but fluorocarbon coated aluminum coils have a much longer life. The fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil has better stability and weather resistance. 


Interior and exterior usages  

If we want to use an aluminum composite panel for indoor and decoration, we can PE ACP panels because their price is reasonable. PE surface coating is cheaper than PVDF coating. On the other hand, exterior design needs to use stability and high quality of aluminum composite panels. Therefore, choosing a PVDF coating panel with a high price is suitable because the surface covering with PVDF is better for facades and billboards. Finally, the core material can be changed by the customers. 

Aluminum composite panel

Final words:

Aluminum composite panel is a suitable decorative and cladding material at a reasonable price. Its price can be affected by many factors and elements. If you want to choose this material, you shouldn’t have any hesitation. The most important reasons are the economical choice and bein eco friendly and safe. This material can save you money and make your life more enjoyable and comfortable.