Whether you are in a business seeking material for your advertisement panel, an architect trying to design the best interior decoration, or a constructor hoping to find the best material for external cladding, you need to have enough information about various composite materials available. For the past decades, different materials have shined in the construction industry. Bricks, wood, concrete, cement composite, glass, foam, and many more have been available to architects in separate timelines. However, not all have stayed with us, and some have been neglected entirely. The best material is the one that is durable, flexible, cost-effective, and attractive. Though you might at first believe that you can’t find the perfect material, you need to reconsider since aluminum composite material has all the features you need in construction material. 

Aluminum composite material (ACM), also recognized as a sandwich panel, is a material that could deal with all the issues you are facing. Because of its unique features, long history, and a satisfying rating by the clients, ACM has struck the attention of house owners, architects, constructors, and people in the advertisement business. ACM panels have been used for more than 50 years, and the industry is still evolving. Since aluminum composite material is used extensively in cities, it’s somehow impossible not to witness it in the city. However, before getting to the unique features and applications of aluminum composite material, we need to give you more information about our beloved sandwich panel. 

Aluminum composite materialWhat is aluminum composite material?

Because of the layer-shaped aluminum composite material, ACM is usually referred to as a sandwich panel. Typically, the core, which is made up of polythene (PE), is sandwiched by two aluminum layers. Nevertheless, ACM panels are not merely the two layers of aluminum and a plastic core. They have evolved more for the past few years due to the fire safety ratings, and also more durability. 

The structure of aluminum composite panel has made this construction material so productive and useful. In today’s ACM structure, you can see five layers that constitute the whole structure. 

The first or the top layers is usually used for taking care of the sheet’s color. Clear top coating, color coat, and the primer are the main substances of the top layer. In the second layer, producers use chromate treatment to passivate aluminum, which comes under the chromate treatment. To separate the core material with the aluminum manufacturers use a binder layer to distribute these two. 

Aluminum composite materialOther ACM layers:

The next layer is the core material. Though producers use polythene for the core of aluminum composite materials, the fire-retardant (FR) core material is recently used in the core. The difference between these two is that FR uses a mineral-filled thermoplastic core to keep the panels safe and rigid in case of fire. FR core has proven itself in hazardous situations; however, it doesn’t mean that aluminum is entirely fire-resistant. Every material will melt at some point, so bear that in mind. Furthermore, the use of FR cores doesn’t provide any limitation to the ACM application. Therefore, all of the features of PE cores are the same as FR cores.

The next two layers also have a significant effect on the application of ACM. In the fourth layer, producers again use the binder layer to keep the core separate from the aluminum. As the second layer, aluminum and chromate treatment are used to passivate aluminum. Finally, for making the sheet’s color more durable and chemical resistant, manufacturers use necessary back coating for the best possible result.  

ACM priceAluminum composite material price

Aluminum composite material is known to be a cost-effective construction element. ACM price depends on different aspects, the most important of which is the ACM supplier, the thickness, the application, and the colors and finishes that you choose.

However, comparing to other decorative materials, ACM is exceptionally cost-effective. Because of their durability, aluminum composite materials can withstand the severe weather in harsh climates. Therefore, they can save you a lot of time for replacement and of course a lot of money.

Aluminum composite material suppliers:

Before deciding to choose your supplier, you might need to consider some tips. The most crucial element for picking your suppliers is your usage of an ACM panel. Whether you want it for internal decoration, external cladding, or signage, you need to consider the panels’ fire safety. Accordingly, you must know whether your supplier uses PE or FR material in the core. Still, that is not the whole story. Other factors, such as aluminum composite panel price and thickness, could also affect your choice for the supplier. 

Aluminum composite material qualities:

Rather than being known for its reasonable price, aluminum composite material is mostly recognized for its unique quality features. The features include flexibility, heat and sound insulation, durability, chemical resistance, being colorful, and being available in various finishes.  

Aluminum, compared to metal and other composite materials, is extremely flexible. The flexibility of aluminum composite material has made it perfectly suitable for interior decoration and external cladding applications. Moreover, these materials are easily shaped and can be used in advertisements boards and even aircraft. Furthermore, ACM panels can provide adequate insulation for your work office or your house. If you live in a crowded area, applying ACM for external cladding could save all of your sound problems, although you also need to try double-glazed windows.  

Aluminum composite material is available in several colors and finishes. If you fancy a wood-like kitchen and don’t want to use wood for cabinet decoration, you can use ACM panels with wood finishes. The difference here is that ACM has more durability and is more rigid, making it the ideal material for kitchen application. Besides, aluminum composite material is chemical resistance. Hence, spoiling a chemical substance on it will not cause any problems. 

Aluminum composite materialAluminum composite material applications:

As stated earlier, aluminum composite material has some unique features that make it possible to be applied in various usages. Interior decoration, external cladding, signage, false ceilings, partitions, transportation, and aircraft are among the most applications of ACM panels. The weight of ACM has expanded the industry in other areas such as transportation and aircraft industry. Furthermore, more companies are now using ACM panels in their advertisement board since ACM panels are highly durable, flexible, and cost-effective. 

Final words:

Aluminum composite panel has been in the construction industry for more than five decades. Because of its characteristics and high qualities, the material above has successfully managed to be one of the most used composite materials worldwide. Though the fire safety problem was initially issued, the usage of fire retardant material in the core has solved this problem, making ACM panels the best composite material for interior and exterior decoration, facade, cladding, and other applications.

Aluminum composite suppliers are also growing day by day. It has been estimated that the industry will grow by 6% in 2022. However, when trying to validate your purchase, make sure to read the tips above about ACM manufacturers and contact us if you have any questions.