In the modern era of construction, architects spend a lot of their time designing a house or a workplace. They usually use specialized computer programs to show their creativity for having a perfect and top-notch interior design. However, external design and cladding of a building are as crucial as the interior design, and architects are well aware of that. That’s why we have seen more progress in the exterior design of the buildings recently. The importance of cladding is also noticed outside of a building when you want to enter one. If you have any questions in your mind about cladding, especially aluminum cladding panels, then you are in the right place. In this article, we talk about aluminum cladding panels and their price, manufacturers, and features.


Aluminum cladding panels buyers guide

What is aluminum cladding panels?

Aluminum cladding panels, also known and recognized as aluminum composite panels (ACP) are interior or external decorative and cladding material which is used in the construction industry. Most manufacturers use three up to five layers for designing the panels. Aluminum and polythene are the main components of the segments; however, companies removed this material from the boards for the past few years and decided to use non-combustible ones.

Previously, architects used woods, stones, and bricks for creating astonishing designs. Though these materials are still used today, the new technology has allowed us to move forward and design complicated exterior claddings. Contractors and architects now use more composite materials due to their features. One of these composite materials is aluminum cladding panels. Because of their unique and distinctive traits, ACP panels have gained the attention of architects, contractors, manufacturers, and homeowners. In case you are wondering about ACP features, you can read the following paragraphs:


The flexibility of aluminum cladding panels has made it possible to design the ideas that were impossible before. Nothing is more critical than flexibility when creating exterior claddings ideas. You can easily bend and cut the panels to develop suitable designs for your exterior claddings.


Aluminum cladding panels have been in the construction industry for more than 40 years. ACP panels have gained the trust of architects, homeowners, and designers for the past few years. They are durable, rigid, and robust, which makes you trust them more.


Aluminum cladding panels buyers guide


Aluminum is one of the lightest metal materials available. Aluminum is 66% lighter than steel. While the importance of weight might not be shown in the first stages of designing, constructors are well aware of the importance of weight. When trying to create amazing ideas and designs, nothing is more important than the weight of the materials.


The first stage of designing an exterior cladding is to compute your budget based on your materials. If you choose aluminum cladding panels, then you probably don’t need this stage. ACP panels are cost-effective. They can save you a great deal of money in the long term and will be useful for the years to come.

Available in different colors and finishes

Aluminum cladding panels are available in different colors and finished. Some materials, such as stone or bricks, do not have many variations for their clients, but aluminum composite panels are different. The wide choice of colors could make the process of your construction more enjoyable and pleasant. They are also available in different finishes, which makes them perfect for the clients that want more variation.

Water and chemical resistant:

Aluminum is both water and chemical resistant. That’s why it is mostly used in kitchens, decorative designs, and claddings. Although aluminum cladding panels are water-resistant, you need to ensure that your contractor seals the panels properly. In harsh weather, water leakage could happen if the panels are not sealed appropriately. 


Aluminum cladding panels buyers guide

Aluminum cladding panels price

As mentioned earlier, ACP panels are highly cost-effective. The panels are very light; therefore, they don’t need many fixation points, which could save you lots of money. The price of aluminum cladding panels depends on different conditions. ACP panels are available in various sizes, shapes, colors, and finishes. These are all the elements that could define the price of ACP panels.

Though most aluminum cladding panels use the same material, some companies and manufacturers change the content for increasing fire safety. The central core of an aluminum panel consists of polyethylene, which is highly combustible. As a result, manufacturers change the central core for increasing fire safety and usually replace it with aluminum, which is fire resistant. This could affect the price of ACP panels since different materials have different prices. 

Aluminum cladding panels manufacturers

The history of aluminum cladding panels goes back to more than 40 years ago. 3A Composites was the first company that invented and designed ACP panels. From then, more than a hundred companies have tried to produce ACP panels for the past few years. However, not all of them became successful. Though each manufacturer has its processing procedure, some have the best quality in aluminum cladding panels. 

3A Composite has been in the composite industry for more than 40 years. The company has different brands name such as Alucore, Alucobond, and Dibond. 3A Composite have also ACP production in other industries like transportation. 

Alucomat is also another manufacturer of ACP panels in Taiwan. The ACP manufacturer has projects in interior and exterior claddings, decoration, signage, and transportation projects worldwide and is considered to be in ACP panels’ top three brands.

Alumax is one of the few Canadian brands in the industry. The company supplies, fabricate and install high-quality ACP panels in Canada. They also have more than ten significant clients in the country and are trying to increase it day by day with their safe, high quality, and astonishing innovation. 

Aluminum cladding panels buyers guide


Aluminum composite panels have many applications in different industries. They were first used for heat and sound insulation and then proceeded to become the first choice for interior designs such as decoration. However, homeowners and architects now use ACP panels for claddings and signage. 

Aluminum cladding panels have a variety of features that have made them unique and distinctive compared to other materials such as bricks and stones. Their flexibility, design, cost-effective equipment, and sustainability have made them the top choice for designing exterior claddings. The price of aluminum cladding panels is also reasonable. They can save you a great deal of money, and you can have many choices for selecting the best ACP manufacturer because these manufacturers have proven themselves by designing the exterior cladding that seemed utterly impossible a few years ago.