Aluminium Facade

In the past, Stone ,brick and wood were materials that could be used for facade.
Facade is the most important for your building and Home owners know this fact.
Facades help to keep from cold weather, dust in windy conditions and many more.
It is like a strong dress for your building from corrosion .In addition ,it depends on your chosen material for your facade.


What is the Aluminium facade?

Aluminium facade is a new material with very useful advantages.

Advantages of aluminium facade

Light weight

Aluminium has a lightweight naturally. It’s weight is about half of the other materials.

High Durability

Aluminium facades are available in good condition for about 40years and in bad and harsh weather for 30 years.

Color and pattern

Aluminium surface covering in very different colors. In addition, customers can choose their own costume patterns.

High resistance

Aluminium is covered with an oxide that makes high resistance from any pollution.

Easy to access

Easy to punch, drill and cut are available for aluminium panels. New designs need this kind of material to have complex design.

High flexibility

Aluminium has very high flexibility and easy to make shapes, therefore, architects can planning for complex facades.

Eco friendly

It is returnable. It returns 100 % easily with a little energy..

Easy to care

Aluminium care is very simple. It is clear with a little water with no detergent. In anti-static bacterial surface dust and dashes are not easily attached, so you have every clean facade.

Easy installation

With light weight and easy making characteristics, insulation is easy.

Cost effective

It’s making role and keeping are very low and easy. So ,you can use it with low cost differ from other materials.

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