Aluminium composite panel

In the past, building facades and interior walls were simple. Architectures used brick, cement or wood for design.
But, today complex designs need comfortable materials like aluminium composite panels.
Aluminium composite panel has 3 layers. The texture of the surface and main layer can be changed with the needs of customers.
It has high resistance to weather and sound. 

Aluminium cladding

Features Of Aluminium Composite Panel


It has high quality. It has lived in harsh weather for about 3 decades and in good weather for more than 4 decades.

Ready in different colours and patterns

It has More than 150 colors. You can order with your favourite pattern.

Light weight

It is about half percent weight of other materials

Eco friendly

100% is returnable to eco.


In complex design the most usage is aluminium composite panel because it is shaped in every thing.

Easy access and installation

Cutting, drill, punch is as easy as. In addition, installation is easy because of light weight.

Fade resistance

it’s our panel surfaces coated with uv resistant to safe color stability.

Very cost effective

In front of low maintenance costs it is cost effective.

Aluminium composite panel Models that are ready is

Marble series

Where can you use aluminium composite panels?

It can use for:


 High resistance and weather resistance exactly are the main reasons to choose aluminium panels.


This panel has a great view for your balcony and in addition for your building.

Interior and exterior design

Today ,using interior design in commercial space and home are advisable.

Wall cladding

Wall cladding is a good choice for sound resistance and making beauty for your rooms.

Billboard and signboard

Lightweight and smooth surfaces are good features for billboards.

Our designers have a good experience in design and architecture. You can see our projects that design by Widehopf team.