Aluminium composite panel Canada

Our architectures in Canada has a great experience in design for your building.  We do all the design steps of your project from zero to one hundred in Canada. Aluminium composite panel has high quality. It is made from 3 layers. Main layer and surface covering change with customers’ needs. For example if you want to use it in the kitchen, you have to use aluminium composite panels that cover it with fireproof material. It is depend on your project. In harsh weather like Canada you will better use surface covering with high resistance. It has high resistance of weather in winter keep your home warm weather and in summer vise versa.

Aluminium composite panel characteristics


It is very light naturally. Among other materials is the lightest and common choice.


Time of life depends on weather. In good weather has 40 years and in harsh weather is about 30 years.

Colors and pattern

Aluminium composite panel is available in 150 colors. You can order your special pattern.


It has high flexibility. It Is folded easily. And making different shapes is easy.

 Economical choice

It has a low cost of maintenance and installation. Easy transferring is valuable.

Weather resistance

Homeowners are looking for facades that have high resistance to water exactly. Moisture is your building enemy.

Sound resistance

It can keep extra sound because of the gap between layers.

Eco friendly

It is returnable 100% after destroy or fire.

Easy access

It is easy making shapes and cutting, drilling, and punching.

Fade resistance

it’s our panel surfaces coated with UV resistant to safe color stability.

Places where these panels can be used






Wall cladding


Interior design


Billboard and sign board

New material and new designs make the world more beautiful.
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