Some essential elements come to play when deciding to build a construction material. Besides choosing the correct land to create a custom house and managing your budget, it is essential to select the right material for your project. The composite materials have become common recently. Due to their features and high-quality products, most constructors use composite products. One of these products is aluminum composite panel or ACP Panel. Invented by 3A Composites in the 1960s, ACP panels have offered some features and characteristics that are not apparent in other construction materials.

The logic behind construction materials is that combining two or more distinctive substances can make a product more beneficial. The situation is the same for the ACP panel since two entirely unique materials, among other structures, combine to provide durability, flexibility, and rigidness. It is estimated that the industry will grow by 6% in 2022. Moreover, more aluminum composite panel manufacturers and providers have produced ACP panels at their best. For more information about ACP panel manufacturers and providers, you can visit ACM panel manufacturers

ACP Panel

ACP Panel Design:

The critical element when purchasing a construction material is the design. Aluminum composite panels present a variety of options for the clients. Whether you want to use ACP panel design for interior decoration or favor an attractive exterior cladding, you can choose ACP panels. 

The wide variety of color choices is why most people prefer aluminum composite materials for their construction projects. Three primary color choice is available for most clients:

  1. Solid Colors:

Solid colors are great for those who prefer a more traditional way of cladding or decoration. Moreover, solid colors can combine simplicity with a charming look to make your construction unique.

       2. Textures and Finishes:

The second option for most customers is that they can customize their panels. Accordingly, you can have an idea to design something different, or you can use pre-available textures such as wooden or marble ACP panel. For more information, visit ACP Sheet.

        3. Corporate Colors

When talking about ACP panel design, it’s impossible not to mention the available corporate plans. You can even print your company logo on ACP panels for more variety. 

The choice of color is not the only factor that can set the ACP panel design. One of their outstanding features is that constructors can apply aluminum composite panels to even the most challenging shapes. In other words, ACP panels are very flexible, which makes them ideal to be used in various applications with different forms.

ACP Panel

ACP Panel Price

The price of a product can mainly affect our decision. Before reaching a conclusion about the cost of ACP panels, we need to know what we get when purchasing these products. The answer is crystal clear. We get tons of features when using the ACP panel as our primary construction material. These features include flexibility, durability, rigidness, variety of color choices and shapes, water resistance, and more. For more information visit Aluminum Composite Material

Therefore, you can decide whether a construction material’s cost and the price is reasonable or not by its features. However, aluminum composite panels offer various high-quality features that make them ideal for any projects. 

The ACP panel price depends on many factors, and providing an actual cost is not reasonable. For instance, the color choice that we mentioned above can affect the ACP panel price. Furthermore, some factors play more role in the finished cost. The structure and the core are the main elements that can decide the value of aluminum composite panels in addition to the panel sizes. For instance, a material with a PVDF coating can have a different price than the one with PE coatings. Moreover, the price of a polythene core and a mineral-filled one is entirely different. Comparing these coating elements and core materials is done in our other article which is called Aluminum Composite Material.

ACP Panel

ACP Panel Installation:

Before getting to know construction materials, you must have more info about their installation process. Some materials might save you more time, while others probably waste your time. Aluminum composite panel installation is relatively straightforward. The simplicity of ACP panel installation is considered one of their advantages compared to other building elements. Therefore, you can save yourself a considerable amount of time and effort when choosing aluminum composite materials as your main construction element. 

Aluminum composite panel installation has some steps which are mostly done by your contractor. Some of these steps include measuring the right size, fabrication, applying water resistance barriers, and more. For more information about ACP panel installation, you can visit ACM Panel Installation.

ACP Panel

Aluminum Composite Panel Features:

Aluminum composite panels have a variety of unique features. The unique characteristics of ACP panels have expanded these materials’ usage even in transportation, industry, and aircraft. We’ll take a quick look at their features though you can find more information in ACM Panel Cost.

  • Flexibility: As mentioned earlier, aluminum composite panels offer incredible flexibility while being durable and rigid. 
  • Durability: Being flexible and durable at the same time might seem impossible, but aluminum composite panels have made it possible. 
  • Variety of colors: You can choose various colors, customization, and finishes for your ACP panel designs, making it perfect for interior decoration and ACP cladding. Visit aluminum cladding for more information.
  • Cost-effective: Aluminum composite materials price is considered budget-friendly. Moreover, they offer so many unique qualities at a reasonable price.
  • High resistance: ACP panels present water and chemical resistance. However, you need to make sure that your contractor correctly seals the boards. Moreover, by choosing the right material, extraordinary fire resistance can also be achieved. As we have always noted, aluminum materials never start a fire by themselves.
  • Insulation properties: Aluminum composite panels can offer heat and sound insulation properties to your room or building. Combine them with the double-glazed windows, and you will have excellent heat and sound insulation, which is hard to find in any other material.

ACP Panel

Final Words: Aluminum Composite Panels and What You Can Expect:

Aluminum composite panels can offer you a variety of features and applications. You can use them for just a simple decoration or go further to apply facade and cladding. It’s not essential to use aluminum composite panels; it’s more important to have more information about them and choose your material intelligently. 

With that in mind, we can say that aluminum composite panels and their features can be applied for your project. Even if you are still unsure, you can contact our experts to gain more information about these common construction materials. Nowadays, more architects and constructors use ACP panel, and it is expected that the industry will grow even more by 2022. 

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