Building construction can be easy if you look into suitable material. In fact, the construction material can play a massive role in the simplicity of your building construction process. So the first step in having a custom house or an office is to choose a suitable material. Even though various materials are today available for the building’s purposes, it is still hard to find the ideal one. However, aluminum composite materials can help you to have a more straightforward process. Aluminum composite materials (ACM wall) are also known as other names such as aluminum composite panels or aluminum sandwich panel. For more information, you can visit ACM Composite Panels.

Aluminum composite materials include two aluminum layers and core material. The aluminum layers sandwich the core. In other words, the core element is wholly made up of a different material than aluminum. That is why we can call them composite materials because the combination of two distinct elements has made them. For this particular blog post, we will mention the most critical usage of ACM wall applications both for interior and exterior parts. We will also name their engineering system based on each application. 

ACM WallACM Wall Panel Interior Usage:

The internal part of the buildings is as important as the external parts, and paying attention to them can make our environment more friendly and comfortable. ACM wall panels are one of the materials that can enhance our room and space. One of their usage inside the residents and offices is for interior decoration. The internal decoration by ACM wall panel can be pretty appealing. Aluminum composite panels have a variety of colors available for clients, and this feature can make the interior decoration more attractive. 

Besides interior decoration, you can apply aluminum composite panels for other usages such as wall partitions and false ceilings. As you might have already known, most people prefer to use wall partitions and false ceilings for different features such as saving space, heat, and insulation properties. By using the ACM wall, you can use all of the features. Aluminum composite materials have decent insulation features, which is beneficial for wall partitions and false ceilings. Combining them with double glazed windows can also increase their insulation feature qualities.

ACM Wall System for Interior Usage:

 The engineering system behind the ACM wall is a bit complicated, and for each usage, the system can change. With that in mind, we will discuss the aluminum composite panel system for interior use at first. 

The internal usage of aluminum composite panels is in less environmental exposure compared to the exterior applications. Thus, manufacturers and providers can reduce the durability of ACM wall panels, and more cost-effective materials are usually in their structural properties. For instance, the core material for internal parts of the buildings is polyethylene, also known as PE. Bear in mind that according to your usage and requirement, you can change the structural properties. 

ACM WallExternal Applications

Aluminum composite panels are mostly known for their usage in exterior spaces. Thus, the external applications have been more popular compared to the internal parts. For more information, you can also visit ACM Aluminum Composite Material.


Aluminum composite materials are very well known for their cladding purposes. Features such as durability, flexibility, and water resistance have made ACM Wall panels ideal for cladding. Other than cladding, most clients use aluminum composite panels for siding and facades as well. For more information about aluminum composite panel features, you can visit ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot.


Another great external ACM wall application is roofing. Using aluminum composite panels for roofing, you can make sure that water resistance is applied to your construction. Other than that, aluminum composite panels are available in various colors, which can further help your project be more charming.


Although most ACM panel applications are suitable for construction purposes, their application has gone even further by applying in other industries. One of these applications is road signs. It is predictable that road signs require a great deal of durability, and no other material can offer rigidness other than aluminum panels. 

Advertisement Panels:

One of the color choices for aluminum composite panels is corporate colors. Corporate colors allow companies and corporations to enhance and introduce their brand. One way to do that is using advertisement panels with aluminum composite materials. Since ACM panels have high durability, they are an ideal material for advertisement panels. The color variation also can significantly make advertisement panels more eye-catching. 

Other Industries:

Aluminum composite materials have even gone further from construction purposes. Other industries have also started to use their features to their advantage. For instance, engineers use aluminum composite panels for aircraft as well. Because of their lightweight, engineers have started using them for aircraft. Another application apart from the construction purposes is in the transportation industry. Metro and train stations have used aluminum composite panels recently since their features are unique. 

ACM WallACM Wall Extenral System:

The engineering systems that providers and installers apply for the external applications are different from the internal ones. Thus, it is vital to have more information about their structural properties. The core material for the external applications has to be more durable and fire-resistant comparing to the internal applications. Therefore, the core material is fire-retardant elements for exterior applications. These elements include mineral-filled cores or honeycomb cores. Furthermore, your provider has to adjust the coating material to the application as well. So in cladding usage, the coating material is usually PVDF. Yet, if a customer is willing to pay more, he can go for the Nano PVDF, giving more advantages than the other materials. 

ACM Wall Price:

The aluminum composite panel price is dependant on a variety of factors, and the mere estimation of the final price is not possible. However, we can mention the factors that have a direct role in the final cost. 

One of the factors that significantly change the final cost is the structural properties that we mentioned earlier. Other than that, two factors have a considerable role in the ACM wall price. The first one is the size and the thickness, and the other one is the color choice. Aluminum composite panels are available in various sizes according to their usage, which can affect the final price. Moreover, the color choice can be sufficient. Choosing solid colors, pre-fabricated patterns, or corporate panels can all directly impact the final price. 

ACM WallOur Final Words:

The first time aluminum composite panels found their way to the world of construction was in the 1960s. The production and usage of the ACM wall are still growing, and they only gain popularity as days pass. Producers and manufacturers use ACM walls for various applications, and their structural properties change according to each user. For more info, you can check our other article about visit ACM Metal Panel.

If you also need more detailed information, feel free to contact our support team during working hours. Our experts are available to answer your question. You can also put your questions in the comment section of this blog post.

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