One of the critical steps when building construction is choosing the appropriate material. For selecting the right material, some considerations are necessary. These considerations include choosing a cost-effective and durable material. Moreover, you might need to save some time by having an easy installation. Though you might think that no material has these properties initially, we can tell you that aluminum composite material sheets (ACM Sheets) are built for these applications. While other construction materials have these features too, but the problem is that you can’t find the high-quality characteristics of ACM sheets in them. 

Aluminum composite materials were first invented in the 1960s. Even though 3A Composites intruded ACP panels globally, their usage has increased for the past six decades. More companies are now producing these materials, and it is expected the ACM sheets industry will grow by 6% in 2022. This article will talk more about aluminum composite panel prices, features, characteristics, and installation. You can always find more information about ACP panels on our website. For more information, visit ACP Panel.

ACM Sheets

ACM Sheets Price

The price of construction material has a massive role in your project. There are various composite elements available for constructions, but none can compete with the ACM panel price. Some factors are decisive when talking about ACM sheets price. These factors include color choice, the core material, the coating elements, and the size. 

Color choice:

The choice of color can affect the ACM sheets price directly. Although color choice can also be considered a feature of ACP panels, we put it into the affecting factors on the price. To put it simply, you have three primary choices of color for ACP sheets:

  • Solid Colors: The first choice is solid colors. You can select the most simplistic, yet the most attractive designs by choosing the solid colors. Solid colors are usually designed for cladding or internal partitions, even though some may use it for interior decoration as well.
  • Various Finishes and customization: You زشد expand your choice by choosing your design. In other words, customization is possible with ACM sheets with marble, wooden, mirror, and more finishes. That’s not all, though. You can even print your logo on them, which takes out attention to the next option.
  • Corporate designs: If you are running a corporate or a company, ACM sheets can be your ideal choice. You can print the company logo with the best quality. 

As mentioned earlier, all of these factors can alter the price of aluminum composite panels. Therefore, before purchasing your product, contact your supplier for more information. You can also visit ACM Panel Cost for more details.

ACM Sheets

The core material:

Another factor that can alter the ACM sheets price is the core material, which usually developed into two categories:

  • Polythene Core: The most common core material in ACP panels is polythene. With great features such as flexibility and durability, polythene can withstand the most challenging condition and climate. However, there is one major drawback. Due to their weak resistance against fire, some governments have limitations on using polythene aluminum composite panels.
  • Fire-retardant cores: Since the governments have limitations on the polythene core, most ACM Panel manufacturers have turned their attention to fire-retardant materials. One of the most common cores in this area is mineral-filled ones. Though this could increase ACM sheets’ price, they have gained popularity for the past few years. 

The Coating Elements:

The core material is not the only factor in ACM sheets structure that can vary the price. Various coating materials are used in aluminum composite panels. The coating material can alter based on the user appliance. Therefore, you need to seek experts for the coating elements of ACP panels. We suffice to introduce some of the coating materials in this industry. 

Once more, the most common coating material is polythene since it’s cost-effective and has exceptional features. However, for different applications and usages, the coating material can change. Therefore, you might also use other options such as PVDF or Nano PVDF. The PVDF coating is mostly used in exterior usages because of their durability and great reaction to difficult situations. Nano PVDF is the premium option that can offer great features such as not getting dirty at all! For more details regarding the coating materials and their effect on ACM sheets price, please visit ACM Panel Price.

ACM Sheets

ACM Sheets Size:

Another feature of ACM sheets is that they are available in various sizes and shapes. The standard thickness of these materials can start from 3mm up to 6mm. On most occasions, custom house builders use the 3mm unless you want to apply ACM sheets in construction cladding or signage, which require more robust materials. For more info, you can visit Aluminum Cladding Panels.

What are the features of ACM sheets?

Some of the previous factors that we mentioned earlier can also be considered ACM sheets features. For instance, having various color options, sizes, and shapes is among the aluminum composite panel features. However, other aspects of aluminum composite panels are also significant and noteworthy. You can read these with full details in…

  • Lightweight: Using light materials such as polythene, producers have significantly reduced the weight of ACM sheets. Therefore, you can see aluminum composite sheets in industries that require low weight, such as transportation and aircraft.
  • Durability and Versatility: Another great ACM sheets features is its durability and flexibility at the same time. Aluminum composite panels can withstand the most severe conditions and climates. Take Canada, for instance. With its cold weather, Canada is a perfect place for ACM sheets since they are rigid, robust, yet flexible. 
  • Water resistance: Though this feature depends on the ACM sheets’ installation process, these panels are considered water and chemical resistance. It is crucial to tell your contractor to seal the panels appropriately since any mistake in the installation can result in water leakage. 

ACM Sheets

Final Thoughts: Aluminum Composite Sheets and their rivals

Not all the composite materials can offer features like aluminum composite sheets. The production process of these materials and the applied structure is complex and makes ACM sheets unique. Aluminum composite panels have been in the construction industry for more than six decades, and their realm seems to continue. 

Aluminum composite materials can offer exceptional features with decent qualities. No other composite material can compete with ACP panels when talking about high-quality characteristics and, of course, the cost. ACM sheets are mostly cost-effective, which means they offer so much with so little money. Therefore, you will not have to think twice when deciding about the right material for your climate. For more information, you can always contact our experts. You can also visit Aluminum Composite Sheet for more in-depth details.

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