Not all construction elements can compete with other materials such as aluminum composite panels. Due to their features which are mostly unique, ACM panels have become more and more popular during the recent decades. One of the sub-materials that manufacturers produce is ACM sheet metal. ACM Sheet Metal has no differences compared to aluminum composite panels except the name. In fact, there are more than ten different names for aluminum composite panels. Other well-known names are ACM panels, ACM sheets, ACM sheet metal, and also sandwich panels. For more information, you can visit our other blog post about What are aluminum composite panels?

To better gain aluminum composite materials information, you further read this article. If you happen to find the name ” sandwich panels” interesting, we can tell you that the name started with the aluminum layers that surround the core element. In other words, the core element is sandwiched by the two aluminum layers. That’s the main reason that sandwich panels are another name for ACM Sheet metal. For this particular blog post, we will mention the color choices that you have for ACM sheets, then we will move to mention some of the applications of ACM sheet metal. Finally, we will give our verdict on aluminum composite panels. 

ACM sheet metal ACM Sheet Metal Color Choices:

The color choice of a construction element is a vital step in any process of building a project. The colors define the aesthetic of the project which can be crucial for your clients and residents. Aluminum composite panels have managed to completely understand the importance of the colors and have offered a wide variety of painting variations:

Solid Colors:

Solid colors are the main choice for most clients. The colors that manufacturers select for the solid colors have one of the best high qualities in the industry. In other words, solid colors are the simplified design of the next category which is pre-fabricated patterns. Although some might prefer solid colors as their main color, others might go with the next category:

Pre-fabricated patterns:

Pre-fabricated patterns are another choice who prefer more complicated designs compared to solid colors. As the name suggests, pre-fabricated patterns offer textures that are designed in advance. These textures include:

  • Marble Designs
  • Mirror Designs
  • Wooden Designs
  • Metallic Designs
  • Chromic Designs and more…

Apart from the designs that are available in advanced for most clients, you can also customize the panels based on your choice. That is, you select the design, and the manufacturer or provider sets the design for you. 

ACM sheet metal Corporate colors:

Another color choice that has its own audience is corporate colors. Corporate colors have the ability to enhance and improve companies’ branding status. Most corporates prefer to use ACM sheet metal since they not only have great quality but also are cost-efficient and cost less. For instance, if you apply aluminum composite materials for advertisement panels, you can make sure that most people will see your advertisement. They cost less compared to other materials and last more.

What are the ACM sheet metal applications? 

Aluminum composite materials have a wide variety of usages and applications due to their features they can offer. These applications include either internal or external usages mostly for construction purposes, although ACM sheet metal offers non-construction applications as well. Here are some of the applications of aluminum composite materials:

Internal designs:

As you read above, aluminum composite panels offer a variety of color textures and paint variations. These variations can come in handy when you want to apply them for internal designs and decorations. Apart from that, other features such as their durability can become useful for internal decorations. 

ACM sheet metal Wall Partitions:

Another application of ACM sheet metal is its usage for wall partitions. The main purpose of wall partitions is to give office workers more privacy. However, to achieve a high level of privacy, you need to have a perfect material for sound insulation. With aluminum composite panels, sound insulation is also possible. 

False ceilings:

False ceilings are just another ceiling that is under the main ceiling. Other names for false ceiling are drop ceiling or T-bat ceiling. Due to their durability, aluminum composite materials are another perfect choice for false ceilings. Since the most common usage of ACM panels is cladding, false ceilings can also be used due to the panels’ durability and flexibility. 

Cladding and Facade:

Even though the internal usages seems exciting for new users, the external ones are even more popular. One of the most common applications of aluminum composite panels is cladding and facade. 

With ACM sheet metal, cladding becomes much more comfortable. The durability and the lightweight of these materials help the users to implement the panels for the years to come. For more information, you can also visit our other blog post about cutting ACM panels. 

Roofing with ACM Sheet Metal:

Since ACP materials are entirely water-resistant, manufacturers and providers also offer aluminum composite panel roofing which is one of the most recent applications of the materials. However, the installation process becomes much more important at this stage. A small mistake and misadjustment can ruin this feature. Also bear in mind that aluminum composite materials are today fire-resistant and they shouldn’t become a problem anymore. For more in-depth details about this, you can visit ACM Wall Panel. 

ACM sheet metal Other applications for ACM sheet metal:

Although the primary usage of aluminum composite materials resides in construction purposes, they also have non-construction applications as well. For instance, the transportation industry has used them for trains and bus stations. Moreover, most corporates and companies apply the panels to introduce and enhance their branding. 

Apart from the above applications, the aircraft industry also applies the panels due to their lightweight for the aircraft. Furthermore, most manufacturers supply panels for road signage as well. Road signage is always exposed to environmental hazards and no other material except aluminum composite panels can handle those rainy or snowy situations. 

Our Verdict:

ACM Sheet metal is one of the most well-known composite panels out there. Their initial progress started more than six decades ago with 3A Composites as their main producers. As the times passed, they have evolved and are now a complete construction material for your projects and custom house buildings. For more information, we recommend visiting How much does ACM Panel cost?

If you further have any more questions, you can contact our support team for your inquiries. Our team is always available to answer you during working hours. You can also put down your comments below so that we can reply to them as soon as possible. 

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