Today, composite materials are one of the most crucial elements of a construction project. Without them, having a sophisticated process of building is nearly impossible. One of the very common composite materials is aluminum composite material also known as ACM panels. To use them, one must first know how to install ACM panels. In other words, having an understanding of how ACM panels installation works is not a bad idea even though the user has nothing to do with the process. For more information, you can visit Alpolic Aluminum Composite Panels.

Aluminum composite materials were first introduced and produced by 3A Composites. A company that had a critical role in the ACM panels installation. After their introduction, ACM panels remain hugely popular leading to other companies producing the materials as well. 3A Composites had the initial trademark for more than two decades. Then, in the 1990s, other companies started producing the panels resulting in huge popularity among custom-house builders, architects, and engineers. For this article, we will talk more about the history behind ACM panels, and then we mention the ACM panels installation process. Finally, we give out a verdict on the panels and the installation features.  

ACM Panels Behind the ScenesACM Panels Behind the Scenes:

As we mentioned earlier, the history behind ACM panels goes back to more than six decades ago. After the first production line of ACM panels by 3A Composites, the company hugely profited with surprising popularity from clients. However, the panels have not always seen a positive side and there have been some issues raised by clients, governments, and companies. 

One of the first and major issues of ACM panels installation was their fire safety. In fact, all construction materials have to provide a safe material against water and other environmental hazards. Initially, aluminum composite material failed to do so. That is, they couldn’t provide and guarantee the panels against fire. Most manufacturers and providers searched for the problem and found out that the core element is the main problem for aluminum composite panels. But the question is what was wrong with the core element:

The core material:

Aluminum composite panels consist of two aluminum layers and core material. These two are the main structural properties of ACM panels. Most companies started to produce the core material with polyethylene (PE). One of the major problems with PE is that they can spread fire at a rapid pace. Thus, governments started either banning ACM panels or restricting them for fire safety issues. The restriction involves using aluminum composite materials for only one or two-floor buildings or applying them only for interior decorations. However, if you want to be sure, we suggest checking the latest information that is provided by your manufacturer or government. 

But the providers have started a new solution. Instead of using PE as the main core element, companies started using ACM panels with fire-retardant cores. That is, providers used honeycomb or mineral-filled cores for aluminum composite panel core material which makes them hugely resistant to fire and any environmental hazards. 

The core materialHow about other structural properties:

The fire safety problem was not only related to the ACM composite panel core material. Other structural properties such as the coating elements also play a massive role in their fire safety. For instance, PE is again used for the coating material; however, it has been completely omitted and instead of PE, the PVDF coating is applied to aluminum composite panels. PVDF coating has many advantages compared to the PE materials; one of which is their strength in dealing with fire and providing exceptional durability to the ACM panels installation process. Another option would be the Nano PVDF which can greatly increase their durability against dirt and other hazards.

How can providers install the ACM panels?

The ACM Panel installation has some steps which can be defined by your provider. That is, the process of installing the steps requires a handful of great tools. 

The first step in the installation process refers to the actions of measurement. Your provider or installer can measure the required size of the panels and then the panels can go to the fabrication process. However, it is essential that you apply the measurement in the most precise manner. After this step, the fabrication process starts with fabricating the panels based on the applications and the required size. 

The next step in ACM panels is to making the panels entirely water-resistance. This is another crucial step since a small mistake in the installation process can greatly affect the outcome. Then, your installer will try to install the barriers and the mounting system. The mounting system can help the panels to stand in a straight order. Therefore, before installing the panels, you should apply the mounting system from the most complex angles to the most simple ones. You can also visit ACM Boards for more information.

Finally, after the mounting system order is fixed, your provider will start installing the panels on the system. Bear in mind that the system will not be evident after the installation process. Moreover, providers use some particular tools to hide the gaps between the panels since they are not avoidable during the installation process. 

ACM Panel Structural PropertiesIs ACM Panel Installation water-resistant?

As we mentioned earlier, the water-resistant of aluminum composite materials depends hugely on the installation process. The measurement must be accurate, the installation process must be done with precision, and the filling gaps should be as rigid as possible. For more information regarding this issue, you can also visit ACM Sheets for Sale.

Our final verdict:

Aluminum composite panels have been in the industry for more than six decades. Their realm continues with the right properties and structural features. One of their most advantageous features is their cost-effective material which is not comparable to any other composite material out there. The installation process is also straight forward which we mentioned the steps earlier. For more information and in-depth details, we suggest visiting ACM Panel Systems 

If you also have more questions and want to know more about ACM panel details, you can contact our support team. Our team is always available during working hours. You can further put your comments down below for more inquiries. 

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