The fact that aluminum composite panels are gaining more popularity during the past years is due to some factors. The critical element that has earned the popularity of the ACM panel could be the high-quality features; however, the features are not the only factor. More decisive details such as the ACM panel price are why aluminum composite materials have gained attention in the construction industry and even aircraft and transportation.  

ACM panel price can vary according to the materials and the manufacturer that you choose. Therefore, it is not stable in each condition. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss ACM panel prices and some factors that can change the price. However, before getting into that, we need to know why aluminum composite panels are considered cost-effective for the industry. Aluminum composite materials have some quality features, the full explanation of their quality can be found in what is the aluminum composite panel.

ACM Panel Price

Why is the ACM panel price reasonable?

The reasonable price is measured by how many features or qualities you gain when purchasing a product. This also applies to aluminum composite materials. If you want to see whether the ACM panel price is reasonable or not, you need to consider its qualities and what you earn by using these panels in your scheme. Therefore, we’ll take a quick look at some of the high-quality features of aluminum composite panels. For more info, you can visit What has made ACP sheet so popular? 

ACM panel features:

  • Durability: If you change your construction’s external cladding or interior decoration every 5 or 10 years, then the material is not suitable. Aluminum composite panels can withstand even the most difficult situations for more than 20 years. Your provider can also apply some special coatings for a better color endurance. 
  • Versatility: If you think that the durability function is not enough for a cost-effective material, you can reconsider by having more information about the flexibility feature of aluminum composite panels. Aluminum composite materials are highly flexible, making them an excellent construction material for different applications. 
  • Easy to process: Aluminum composite panels are made up of aluminum and plastic. They are easy to bend, cut, punch, or even grooving. These features can’t be found in any other non-composite materials.
  • Excellent rigidity: The high temperatures at the process of aluminum composite panels make them more rigid than ever expected. The use of two aluminum layers in the whole process ensures that aluminum composite panels surface stays as flat as possible. 

The features that we mentioned above were just some of the characteristics of aluminum composite panels. ACM Panels have more than ten unique features where you can find them in aluminum composite material. However, for the ACM panel price, you also need to know what can change the price. For the next paragraphs, we’ll talk more about the affecting factors of ACM panels price. 

ACM Panel Price

What can change the ACM panel price?

Some elements have a direct effect on the ACM panel price and are crucial in their cost. For instance, whether you choose a solid color or a customized texture, you need to pay differently for each one. Therefore, aluminum composite panel price is not something definite. Read more: ACM panel cost and the affecting factor.

Solid colors and customized textures:

One of the great features of aluminum composite panels is their accessibility to different solid colors and personalized finishes. These materials are also available in corporate colors. Therefore, whether you own a business and want a logo, or try to add extra variety to your construction cladding, you can choose aluminum composite panel color charts. However, your choice can either increase or decrease the price. 

Surface coating:

The surface coating of aluminum composite panels protects the color fade in the long term against the UV rays. Different coating materials are available to customers. The most important of which are PE, PDVF, and Nano coating, all of which have different prices. 

The PE coating is mostly used for interior decoration, signage, or false ceiling since they are not exposed to the UV rays. However, the PDVF coating is applied to exterior cladding materials to withstand harsh situations such as the delightful sunlight. Moreover, clients choose Nano PDVF due to their anti-dirt features, requiring less cleaning and maintenance in the future. All of the coating materials have different prices, and it’s always better to contact your provider for more info.

ACM Panel Price

The core:

The core of aluminum composite panels has recently raised an important issue. There are mostly two kinds of core materials available to clients. The first one is polyethylene (PE), and the second one is fire retardant or mineral fills. 

Initially, aluminum composite panels used PE as the central core. However, they produce some fire issues in different countries resulting in banning the material. Although they are still used for interior applications, their exterior usage is limited in some countries. Therefore, aluminum composite manufacturers have changed the core material for external usages. Nowadays, fire retardant materials are used in ACP panel cores to protect the building from fire. 

Therefore, the core of aluminum composite materials can also affect their price. If you consider using ACP panels for interior usages, you can still use PE as the central core. However, if you want aluminum composite panels for your siding projects, it’s advisable to use non-combustible core material. Bear in mind that aluminum composite panels are fire-resistant. These panels never start the fires; however, using PE as the core can spread the fire to other areas. 

Aluminum composite panel size:

The variety of usages of ACM panels are mostly due to the fact that they are available in a variety of sizes. Aluminum composite panel thickness starts from 3mm and ends at 6mm. Based on your usage, the size and the thickness modifies. For instance, if you want to use aluminum panels for indoor, 3mm thickness is recommended. Yet, if you’re going to use ACM panels for exterior applications such as advertisement panels, it’s better to use 4mm thickness and more. Therefore, the thickness also plays a significant role in the ACM panel price. 

ACM Panel Price

Final thoughts: Are aluminum composite panels expensive?

The reason behind your construction material choice has to be logical, and the cost of the materials plays an essential role in that logic. Aluminum composite panels give you some high-quality features that are unique in the world of architecture. No other material can be flexible, durable, and rigid as ACP panels. Most importantly, clients regard these panels as cost-effective, meaning the money you consume on them will be worth every penny of it.

Some significant factors can affect the ACM panel price. These factors can alter based on the client’s choice. If you want a premium color, with a 3mm thick sheet and a durable core material, you need to spend more. However, if you have chosen simplicity, such as a regular color, a PE core for interior decoration, and a 4mm thickness, you can save more.