When trying to build a construction, you have to have some set priorities before the project starts. The priorities that you decide are mainly dependant on your situation. Some people might go for the best possible material, while others prefer to have the best construction element based on their price. However, if you can get both at the same time, it would be perfect. One of the construction materials that have offered both high-quality features and reasonable price is aluminum composite panel, also known as ACM panel. However, ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot is relatively affordable and can further offer high-quality features. For more information, you can visit ACM Panel System Price.

The ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot estimation is not an easy job, and a variety of factors can play a role in the final price. Thus, for this article’s purpose, we mention some of the factors that have a leading role in the cost of aluminum composite panels. Bear in mind that the prices that we mention are not fixed and are merely estimations. 

ACM Panel Cost Per Square FootAffecting factors of ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot:

A large number of factors have a direct role in the ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot. As a result, it is essential to have a complete awareness of these factors, and we try to mention as much as possible:

Engineering system in ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot:

Aluminum composite panels generally consist of two aluminum layers and core material. The aluminum layers are usually fixed, and no change is necessary for them. However, the core material can be varied according to the clients’ usage and their preferred method. In other words, the core material that suppliers use in the aluminum composite panel can change the ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot. 

Depending on the usage, the core material consists of polyethylene (PE) or fire-retardant (FR) elements. Since PE can spread fire and does not show good behavior to fire, most providers and installers use it for interior applications. On the other hand, FR cores have shown more resistance against fire and are most common for exterior applications. As a result, and based on your applications, you can go for either one. With that said, you need to consider the ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot too. FR cores are generally more expensive than PE cores. 

The Coating Material:

Another engineering system of aluminum composite panels is their coating material. The situation in the coating material is also the same for the final ACM panel price. PE elements are available for the coating material as well. Thus, the PE coating material can be more cost-effective. However, today’s ACM panels have used the PVDF coating, which is far more durable and more consistent. PVDF coating is further resistant against fire and can offer water-resistance as well. Another option would be the Nano PVDF. Nano PVDF is the more expensive option since it can provide features such as anti-dirt and better insulation properties. 

Apart from the above structural properties, Aluminum composite panels have other structures such as anti-corrosive coating, chromized film, thermosol, a finish coating, and a primer. These structural systems have their direct effect on the final ACM Panel Cost Per Square Foot. As a result, we advise contacting your supplier and manufacturer for more information to get the final estimation. You can also check our other article by visiting ACM Aluminum. 

ACM Panel Cost Per Square FootPaint finishes:

Aluminum composite panels are also known for their appealing design. The design of ACM panels is unique in the world of construction. The unique state of ACM panels have been made possible by using a variety of paint finishes such as solid colors and pre-fabricated patterns:

Solid colors are usually the most common choice among ACM panel clients. They are also more budget-friendly, which makes them even more popular. You can use solid colors in a variety of applications, both interior and exterior ones. On the other side of this story is the pre-fabricated pattern. Unlike solid colors, pre-fabricated designs have textures and patterns that are incomparable. Marble, mirror, wooden, and metallic are some to mention. However, for the best possible result, you can choose your design and customize the panels as well. This, of course, costs more than the other options, which is reasonable if you think about it. 

The final paint finish for ACM panel customers is the corporate colors. As the name suggests, corporate colors are for companies and people in business who prefer to have their own set of colors for advertising purposes. This particular option has been achieved using the newest technologies that can offer durable panels for advertising purposes. Corporate colors also have different prices compared to the other ones. For more information, you can check out our other article visit ACM Metal Panels.

Size and thickness:

Another prominent factor that can directly impact the ACM panel cost per square foot is the size and thickness of the panels. Depending on the usage, you can use different sizes and thicknesses for aluminum composite panels. For instance, you can use the 3mm ACM panel for interior usages since they don’t require the same durability and consistency as exterior usage. On the other hand, if you prefer to use aluminum composite panels for external applications such as ACM panel cladding, you need to use the five or even 7mm thickness since they can offer more durability. The same as the other properties, the size, and thickness you and your provider decide for the project are also influential on the ACM panel cost per square foot. 

ACM Panel Cost Per Square FootACM Panel Applications:

The reasonable price of aluminum composite panels has made them quite popular in a variety of applications. Thus, the number of ACM panel usage is increasing nowadays. For instance, some office workers and managers have opted for ACP panels for false ceilings and wall partitions in their offices. This is due to the fact that these materials can provide an appealing design with heat and sound insulation features. Another internal usage of aluminum composite panels is the wall and kitchen decoration. Features such as water and chemical resistance are particularly valuable for these applications. 

Although ACM panels are common in interior usages, their external application has also been quite popular. For instance, one of the most common usages is aluminum composite cladding. Another usage in the world of construction is aluminum composite panel roof. Other usages include advertisement panels, road signage, and facade. For more information, you can also visit Aluminum Composite Panel Roof.

ACM Panel Cost Per Square FootOur verdict on ACM panel cost per square foot:

Aluminum composite panels are generally a cost-effective material. However, the final ACM panel cost per square foot is essentially dependant on various factors that are hard to estimate. These factors include the structural properties, the color variations, and the size of the panels. For more information and to find aluminum composite panel for sale, you can visit Aluminum Panel Sheet Price.

You can also contact our support team if you want to estimate the final price of the panels exactly. Our team is available during the working hours mentioned above. Don’t forget to ask your questions in the comment section as well. 

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