The priorities are essential for each construction project. Some people prefer to focus more on the final cost and price of their custom house or their office project, while others may pay more attention to the construction element. That is why composite panel producers and manufacturers have tried to offer both reasonable prices and outstanding durability at the same time. Manufacturers have made this possible by using modern technology in the structural properties of composite panels. One of these composite materials is ACM composite panels which can be the perfect material for your construction project. Before moving on, you can also visit our other article about ACM Aluminum Composite Material.

ACM composite panels are the modern age construction material that has gained more and more reputation during the recent decades. As you might have already known, ACM stands for aluminum composite materials, one of the most well-known materials in the world of construction. For this article, we’ll take a look at their qualities and their applications. If you want to know more such as ACM composite panel price, you can visit our other articles about Aluminum Panel Sheets.

ACM Composite PanelsWhat are the ACM Composite panels qualities?

One of the most common questions that customers ask is the ACM composite panel qualities. Because of their structural system, aluminum composite panels have offered features and qualities that are particularly unique to this material. Additionally, aluminum composite panels are also available for a variety of applications. In other words, the qualities and the structural system have made it possible for custom-house builders, architects, and engineers to use them for a variety of applications. Here are the ACM composite panel qualities:

Incredibly light:

One of the significant advancements in composite panels was their lightweight. This also applies to aluminum panels since they have been exceptionally lightweight material, even with the 7mm thickness. Their weight allows architects to use them for different applications, which we will get to them shortly. 


Aluminum composite panels can be resistant to various environmental hazards. First and foremost, the weather temperature does not affect their quality even in the long term. As a result, if you live in a freezing climate such as Canada or Russia or are just burning in the sun, you can still use aluminum composite materials. However, their resistance is not limited to the temperature only. They are also resistant to water and any chemical substances. Bear in mind that the installation process is crucial for water resistance. A small mistake in the installation can leak water in the future. For more details about the installation, we recommend visiting ACM Wall Panels.

Outstanding Durability and Flexibility:

ACM Composite Panels are exceptionally durable and rigid. The durability shows its importance when combined with flexibility. While it might seem impossible to have both durability and flexibility in one material, ACM composite panels have offered both because of their structural properties. The core elements and the aluminum layers have made aluminum composite panels a rigid and flexible material. 

ACM Composite PanelsHeat and Sound Insulation:

The structural properties not only have offered durability, flexibility, and lightweight, it has also managed to implement insulation features. These features are especially beneficial in indoor applications where having a calm environment both in offices and houses is crucial. For having the best possible result, you can integrate the ACM composite Panels with the double glazed windows. 

Appealing Colors:

Another ACM composite panels unique feature is their color variations. The number of colors available for customers and corporates is somehow unlimited. Thus, aluminum composite panels can cover everyones’ taste with the best captivating designs. In general, there are three color categories for aluminum composite panels:

The first category which most providers offer to their customers is solid colors. Due to their design and quality, and reasonable price, solid colors are usually the most popular choice. They are also a great addition to other aluminum composite panel applications both for interior and exterior usage.

Another option that is also as popular as the solid colors are the pre-fabricated patterns. As the name suggests, there are some pre-fabricated patterns designed with the best qualities. For instance, some patterns and textures such as marble, metallic, wooden, and mirror patterns are available. However, you can also order your preferred design. In other words, there is also an option of customization possible for clients. 

The final category in ACM composite panels color variation is corporate colors. Corporate colors are designed in a specific way that suits the people in business and companies. As a result, by using corporate colors, companies can have their unique set of colors that can shine in the business world. Moreover, they can also use these colors in their advertisement panels by using ACM composite panels. 

ACM Composite PanelsACM Composite panels applications:

The qualities mentioned earlier in this blog have allowed ACM composite panels to be used in numerous applications. You can use ACM composite panels either for the interior usages or exterior ones. However, aluminum composite panels are not limited to construction elements. You can also use them in other industries. 

Interior applications:

One of the main applications of aluminum composite panels is used for interior parts of the buildings. For instance, ACM composite panels are most common for interior decorations in rooms and halls. Some people even prefer to use them for kitchen decoration since aluminum composite materials offer exceptional water-resistant and durability. 

However, interior decoration is not their only usage. Other usages such as false ceilings and wall partitions are popular for aluminum composite panels. One of the primary purposes for using false ceilings and wall partitions is to save heat and have sound insulation. Aluminum composite materials are the ideal choice for those who want to have both sound and heat insulation. 

Exterior Applications:

Aluminum composite panels can offer various usages for outdoor applications due to their structural properties and durability. For instance, one of their most common applications is ACP Cladding. Cladding covers the exterior part of the building to give your project more durability and an attractive design. Since aluminum composite panels can provide both, most people go for ACM panels for the best possible result. For more information regarding this usage, you can visit Aluminum Composite Panel Roof.

Aluminum composite panel cladding is not the only exterior application, though. Most companies and providers offer ACM composite panels for other usages, such as advertisement panels and road signage. These applications require more durability, whereas the former mostly suits the companies and people in business, and the latter is for road driving.

Even though we consider ACM composite panels a construction material, they have also been used in other industries because of their qualities. For instance, the aircraft industry has recently started using ACM composite panels because of their lightweight. The transportation industry has also used aluminum composite materials for their trains and busses. 

ACM Composite PanelsOur final words on ACM composite panels:

Aluminum composite materials have been around for more than six decades in construction, and their usage has been nonstop. What has made them so unique in this world is their qualities which are rare and hard to find in any other material. You can also check our other articles such as Aluminum Composite Panel 4×8.  

You can also contact our support team and experts to gain more information about aluminum composite panels for additional info. Our experts are always available if you have any questions. Don’t forget to put your comments on this article as well. 

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