About US

If you’re looking for a professional siding contractor in Toronto area, you’re in the right place.
We provide a wide range of Materials & Services for exterior wall cladding. We design, supply, fabricate and install modern siding solutions.

We know the Trade!

In Wiedehopf® we gathered the most professional and seasoned teams of Designers, Production Experts, Installers, and subcontractors to provide the most reliable services for our customers. In better words, Wiedehopf® is a contractor company with over 10 years of brilliant experience in construction trades, specifically building facade systems.

We Supply Responsibly

We supply a range of high quality building exterior materials such as Thermal Wood Profiles and Aluminum Composite Panels (ACM Panels) for architects, builders, contractors, realtors, and home owners in Toronto. All these products, meet OR surpass the Ontario building code requirements and guidelines for building facade.

We Warranty Our Work

After years of offering brilliant services to our customers, we know our products Inside-Out! In better words, we bring into play our previous experience to avoid all the future inconveniences for our customers. In a nutshell, we provide the quality building facade materials & services that we can confidently guarantee. We keep everything into perspective from real estate to maintenance.

We Make Your Property Stand Out!


ACM Panels

We supply Aluminum Composite Material Panels, known as ACM Panels in North America, and we provide professional Installation Services.


Thermal Wood


We supply Thermally Modified Lumbers and wood profiles, known as Thermal wood in North America, and we provide exceptional Installation Services.